Haunted House

LEGO take on the iconic house

Happy Halloween, for those who follow me on Instagram you will have seen I’ve taken a break from all the Christmas building to do a Halloween build. I’ve re-built the Haunted House from 2012. The build took me best part of two days. The build including the monsters minifigures had over 2,000 pieces in it. I used the rare colour that is sand green for the external walls and to make it into a play set the house has hinges on the chimney (we used same principal when doing the Ghostbusters HQ). Inside you have 3 floors. With kitchen, bedroom and attic. Some of my favorite features includes the pull down ladder for the attic and the gramophone. I like to think outside of the box, for example, the minifigure helmet is used for the gramophone speaker. For the first time this set included printed wooden tile pieces that was used on the windows. The final build had the following dimensions; Measures 15.4” (39cm) high, 9.4” (24cm) wide and 7.5” (19cm) deep.

It is still a very popular set and on today’s second hand market you’d have to part with over £400 to own one. The one I built has gone on display at a local childcare facility.

Official Description

Enter the haunted house at your peril!

The crooked Haunted House is home to the scariest ghosts and monsters. Tremble in fear as you open the gate, go weak at the knees as you step onto the porch and gasp in horror at the fireplace, kitchen, office, folding staircase, bedroom, potion room, music room and collection of other creepy objects. Dare you enter the Haunted House?!

  • Add to your LEGO® Monster Fights Collection with the first officlal LEGO® Haunted House!
  • Includes 6 minifigures: 2 glow-in-the-dark ghosts, Vampyre, Vampyre’s Bride, Zombie chef and butler
  • Features unique ‘crooked’ design featuring boarded up windows and working front gate.
  • Haunted House opens to reveal detailed interior with 3 floors.
  • First floor features fireplace that swings open and displays a ship in a bottle on the mantle.
  • Cook up a ghoulish meal with the Zombie chef in the kitchen complete with old-style stove, jars and table!
  • Write letters from the Vampyre’s haunted office!
  • Pull the lever hidden in the chimney to release the drop down staircase and access the top floor!
  • Top floor features gramophone, records and newspaper LEGO® elements.
  • Customize the Haunted House with new stickers for wall hangings, spider webs and curtains!
  • Measures 15.4” (39cm) high, 9.4” (24cm) wide and 7.5” (19cm) deep



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  1. I was not at the least bit interested in the Monster Fighters theme, but this set was and still is absolutely fantastic.

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