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People say money can’t buy happiness. They Lie. Money buys Coffee, Coffee makes Me Happy!

I’ve started on medal reviews and also covering my work (aka LEGO) another feature I want to add to my personal blog is coffee shop reviews. Now I don’t drink, I don’t smoke but I do not function without at least one coffee a day.

So as I visit a host of various coffee shops I wanted to start reviewing them. Now a few years ago where I lived I was limited to cafes. Now these could not make a proper coffee if their life depended on it. However, then came the massive redevelopment of Stocksbridge and with it came Fox Valley. At first we got Central Bean (a coffee chain from the north east, who’ve since pulled out) then came Costa Coffee. Having previously managed a Costa in Meadowhall I usually go for Costa over any other high street coffee chain. Although I’m not brand exclusive and will happily drink Starbucks and other brands.

Recently after Central Bean pulled out, the flagship store in Fox Valley, Sandersons opened up a second Costa in store. This meant I now have one either end of the retail park. 🙂 Sandersons is now my official local one. As its 30s from my gym and usually at the end of all my runs. I felt it was only right to kick off my reviews with my local one first.

So after I finished my 6 mile run this morning and done some shopping for lunch. I headed to Costa, the store is located upstairs and has fab views of the fountain area and also the steel works. It’s only a small store with one machine. I managed to arrive when it was quiet as there was no queue and Josh who served me, knows I’m a regular so already put my order in the till. (For the recorded I have a large hazelnut latte to takeaway). It’s my preferred drink and has been for years now. It’s rare for me to try other drinks, unless it’s near Christmas, then I’m partial to a Gingerbread latte.

As I get older, I like familiarity so the staff knowing my order helps. Plus I find the staff always make the time to have a chat which again I appreciate. I’m not a fan of stores who’s staff don’t talk to their customers or don’t even give you eye contact. Josh asked how my run had gone, so again him knowing I’m a runner, again made me feel like my custom was valued. It’s nice to be walking out with a coffee, laughing and that’s what I did this morning. From going upstairs to walking back out I was in less then 2 minutes. Wednesday’s for me are usually hectic so every minute counts, so getting in and out quick is another big plus.

While I was waiting I did take a look and the store is new but the staff are doing a good job of keeping it clean. Plus I know Sunday they did a deep clean. One thing I like about the store is it’s also well stocked. I’ve yet to go in and see the cake fridge empty. Sunday morning the family and I had breakfast there and only thing they didn’t have was any Nutella.

So if you are ever wanting a coffee when visiting Fox Valley, I would not hesitate to recommend this Costa. You will find it most busy Friday mornings when it’s market day and at the weekends. However during the week it’s still fairly quiet.


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