Update on the 18 in 2018 Challenge

Announcement regarding challenge

This years charity challenge hasn’t gotten of to the best starts. The original plan for the challenge was to start late January and cover one 10km race a month. The injury before the official reveal meant I opted to start in February. That race due to a family issue was missed, turning round on route to race. The challenge was due to start at the Cheshire 10k, however two things meant the challenge has been put back again.

Firstly the race organizers called off the race last night, issuing the following statement;

We currently stood in the car park field after a onslaught of extremely heavy rain this evening. Despite the car park being manageable at 5pm when we left after setting up the event village and course, it has become a lot worse over the last 5 hours. As of now, the fields are waterlogged with more heavy rain forecast all night. The extent of this rain was unforeseen as the original forecasts were light. Parking all 1500 cars would now no doubt prove impossible. This is the 10th Cheshire 10k, we have everything set up for the event. We have spent months organising the event so this is truly devastating and the absolute last thing that we want to do. The nature of this venue is that we rely on grass parking for it to go ahead, we have done this 9 times before and this have never happened. Tonight we were truly at the mercy of the rain and poorly draining fields following last weeks snow. We are runners, we love running and would, therefore, never do this if we did not have to. We will be in touch with more information on the postponement date. We are so so sorry. Matt & Ben

However, while that will be re-arranged for a future date, something far more serious happened this week. Last Sunday my daughter was taken ill while out for Sunday lunch with what we first suspected as a stroke. This past week she has been in Sheffield Children’s Hospital, having test after test to help find out what is wrong with her and to get her better. She has been having attacks all week, some very bad, some mild.

Her condition is stable and while it is life changing it is not life threatening. The doctors have run test after test next one is to record her brain waves when she has an attack. That will be next week we think. They are testing some medication on her to try to stop the attacks. At the moment they think she is suffering from Hemiplegic migraine. This is a rare and serious type of migraine that does not cause headaches but attacks the nervous system. It is that rare Molly is the first recorded child to have it at the children’s and the medication is that used for adults. Many of its symptoms mimic those common to stroke; for example, muscle weakness can be so extreme that it causes a temporary paralysis on one side of your body, which doctors call hemiplegia. Molly’s attacks range from facial paralysis to full on left side paralysis and last from a few minutes to longer. Afterwards her body shakes like a fit and takes time for the feeling to return, each attack is different and it’s going to be a very long learning curve. To stop the attacks and learn the triggers. The support and out pouring of love from friends and family has really helped Sarah and myself keep it together. So this is where we are at. So the doctor think we should get everything under control in the coming weeks and they are hoping we can get back to some normality sooner rather then later. I’ve taken a leave of absence from my day job and for now I have made decision to put the challenge on hold. I am more determined to complete this more then ever and once I know more will obviously let everyone know the plan.

With regards to the challenge the 10ks are easy enough to re-arrange and the half marathons are all back end of the year but right now Molly is my priority and we will for now take it one day at the time. A friend of mine has started using #milesformolly hashtag, so if you want to show your support for her, add the tag to your runs.

Thanks everyone.

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