Unilite PS-H8 Review

A look at head torch that ticks every box for what a runner needs

I’m rather lucky in that my job allows me to work round my running. This means I usually get to run during daylight hours. The only time I run at night is when it’s a track night, so I run under the floodlights. However over Christmas with family being off, it meant a lot more runs in the evening. I sometimes try and always stick to roads with street lights but where I live means a lot of hills. I picked up this head torch and used it during last winter and also these past few months. I always have the back light on, just for extra visibility and then can use the front light as and when needed. For example Wednesday night the route I took meant a section wasn’t lite enough and using the head torch allowed me to navigate the section closely. Read on for a more detailed look at the product and my thoughts.

Product Description

First up lets take a look at the product description & specs “The Unilite PS-H8 is a robust and strong headlight that carries on with Unilites industrial heritage. The unit has a 350 Lumen Luxeon Rebel LED and can deliver its range a maximum of 200 meters. This beam has 4 stages of dimming, helping to preserve its battery life in brighter scenarios. The beam can be widened or focused easily with the one handed speed diffuser. It is coated in a Hi-vis yellow colour and has two 3M reflective strips helping to protect the user from any adversaries. Further safety comes from the units rear battery pack which features a solid or flashing red light.”


  • Brand: Prosafe
  • Battery: 3 x AA
  • LED: Luxeon
  • Lumens: 350
  • Beam Distance: 200
  • Run Time: 8 hrs
  • IP Rating: IPX4
  • Weight: 198g
  • Height: 54 mm
  • Width: 73 mm


So my thoughts, based on passed experiences I was expecting the head torch to be heavy. This was way off the mark. It actually felt ok and you forget you are running with it after 5 minutes. The battery pack is located at the back with a switch for a red back light, you can have a solid red light or a flashing red light. I always selected the solid one. I have a large head so usually things don’t fit but the uni-lite actually fitted straight away. However for those with smaller heads the three straps all comes with an adjuster, The 3rd strap that goes over the top acts as the anchor and stops the head torch from moving. The side straps both come with reflective paneling as well.

The power pack connects to the front light via a black cord that runs down the left side and honestly don’t notice it. The back of the main head torch has a rubber pad that stops it rubbing on your forehead and I ran in mine in all conditions including rain and snow yet the device did not budge or cause any discomfort.

The main light is like running with your own personal floodlight, I’m not joking! I ran on the new local trail and I had the local wildlife running for their lives. The light is easy to turn on with a button located on the top, you can then select 3 levels of brightness and also a flashing function. The flash makes you feel like you are at a rave!. You can also adjust the beam to wide or narrow, plus you can also adjust the beam to me closer to you or further away. It took me a few runs to get used to running with a single light but it opened up trails and routes that are usually a no go during the winter months and it made winter training so much more fun. The good thing is battery life is excellent, it lasts ages and with my runs I’ve yet to change them. For the record they take 3 x AA’s.

For those looking for a head torch for ultras etc then I think you will be hard pushed to find a head torch that ticks every box for what a runner needs, quality, lightweight, a strong beam and safety in the form of the rear light and reflective strips.

You can purchase one of these from selected retailers that can be found here. RRP is £47.99 but some outlets are doing them for £44.95. Or if you are wanting alternative versions are doing them from £14.95.

I purchased this product using my own money. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after more than 10 hours of testing.


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