Training June

Going from strength to strength

What a month June was, I would go on record to say it’s my best ever June with regards to running. This blog post will cover what I’ve been up to, allowing me to go over what went well and things I want to work on etc. After what was over a year of stagnation, it’s nice to be enjoying a spell of PB’s and improvements, finishing the month with what was my fastest over 3.11 miles has left me buzzing and excited to what the rest of the year will bring.

Following on from my last training blog, I started the final week of May/start of June, coming off a track 5000m PB of 17.21.1, I was back to a full week of training. Sticking to 65 miles if I have a 10k at the end of a normal week. Now i’m not going into each run like it’s a race, I’m enjoying my runs and varying the terrain, some road, some trail and even some on the treadmill. I find it helps the mind and body, not doing same route day in day out. I found last year and start of this because of my location my route was same everyday and it got monotonous. I kicked off the week ending 4th June with a 10 mile in the morning, allowing me to get back coaching youngsters on a Monday evening with Team Russell.

I followed this the next day with easy run in the morning then 7 x 1000 off 90s recovery. For first time i’m nailing my speed sessions for example my splits were 3:24.7, 3:26.2, 3:26.4, 3:27.8, 3:26.6, 3:25.2, 3:23.5. Consistent and aim now is to get them down to the lower 3:20’s and below. After easy Wednesday double day, I managed to get a track session in on Thursday, session was called the Accelerator, 2 x 800, 3 x 600, 4 x 400. Splits; 2:34, 2:32, 1:55, 1:54, 1:53, 75, 73, 74, 74. Another cracking session. The next two days were easy and allowed me to go into Hull fresh and I was rewarded with 35:50 equaling my best time last year and unofficially my 10k PB. I’m still stuck with 35:14 as my PB but I swear down it was on a short course!

Week 1

  • Mon: AM – 10 miles, Cross Training 20 mins
  • Tue: AM – 4 miles & PM – 7 x 1000m, Cross Training 20 mins
  • Wed: AM – 5 miles & PM  – 5 miles
  • Thu: AM – 4 miles & PM – Track Sessiom
  • Fri: AM – 6 miles & PM – 4 miles, Cross Training 20 mins
  • Sat: AM – 4 miles
  • Sun: AM – Hull 10k & PM – 5 miles

Total mileage: 65 miles

The following week began a crazy 3 weeks, of mid week racing. It effected my training in terms of speed work sessions but I was able to keep up the mileage without running on empty. Easy day Monday allowed me to get the previous days race out of my legs. Tuesday was as easy as Monday, then after a nightmare journey over the hill I ended up racing at gone 9 at night and came away with a season best. However as I mentioned in my report I was frustrated as I knew I was better then the time said. It was good practice for the following weeks mile race. Again Wednesday was kept easy, I had planned to do the Even Splits 5k on Thursday night but conditions meant it wasn’t worth the trek. Instead I opted to do 3 x 10:00 off 2 minute recovery at 5:33/mi pace. Happy with that and not far off my target 5k pace. Easy day on Friday then Bakewell parkrun. Another season best in 17:38, with JB saying it was worth 30s on that course (turns out he was right). Sunday I split the day into two. Doing 12 miles in the morning and 6 in the afternoon. It helps that my wife now cycles as I run, love the company and gets me doing more.

Week 2

  • Mon: AM – 4 miles & PM – 6 miles, Cross Training 20 mins
  • Tue: AM – 4 miles & PM – 1500m
  • Wed: AM – 5 miles & PM  – 5 miles, Cross Training 10 mins
  • Thu: AM – 3 x 10 minutes & PM – 4 miles
  • Fri: AM – 10 miles
  • Sat: AM – parkrun & PM – 4 miles
  • Sun: AM – 12 miles & PM – 6 miles

Total mileage: 73 miles

The 3rd week was crazy, not only did I race 3 times but it was my daughters birthday on the Saturday. This meant we drove up to Scotland and back so we could take her to Edinburgh Zoo. I began with 11 miles on the Monday, the plan was more but it was that windy by the time we got to halfway we was knackered. Tuesday was kept as an easy day, as Wednesday was the mile race. A distance I only do once a year and this was my chance of breaking 5 minutes. Despite the wind I came away with a 4:55.73 a massive 11s PB. Was buzzing as it was another positive result. I did two easy runs Thursday, 10 miles Friday morning and then managed to get a bonus 3 miles in at our hotel. Saturday I did 5 miles of walking around Edinburgh Zoo but no running. I ended the week doing the Northern Masters Championships. So 3 miles before breakfast, then 800m at 12:30 and then 1500m at 15:45. Getting gold in both races.

Week 3

  • Mon: AM – 11 miles
  • Tue: AM – 6 miles & PM – 4 miles, Cross Training 20 mins
  • Wed: AM – 4 miles & PM  – Manchester Mile
  • Thu: AM – 6 miles & PM – 6 miles, Cross Training 20 mins
  • Fri: AM – 10 miles & PM – 3 miles
  • Sat: AM – 5 miles (walking)
  • Sun: AM – 3miles & PM – Northern Masters Champs

Total mileage: 70 miles

After 3 tough weeks, I finished June with a cut back in mileage. 10 miles to kick off the week before I once again headed over to Trafford to do the 1500m on Tuesday night, again hitting a new PB. I then took two easy days followed by a rest day Friday. Then Saturday I ran a parkrun season best at Heslington, followed by a day out in Scarborough but then broke a few of my golden rules, off road, back to back racing, opting for medal over a fast time. This meant I finished week with a bit of a sour taste to start July off. Looking back then multi terrain race was a mistake, one I aim not to repeat.

Not including that race. June I got two season bests at parkrun, a season best at 10k (plus equal 2nd fastest time ever), mile PB, 800m PB and beat my 1500m PB twice. I think that is as good as I could’ve ever hoped for.

Week 4

  • Mon: AM – 10 miles
  • Tue: AM – 4 miles & PM – 1500m
  • Wed: AM – 3 miles & PM  – 4 miles
  • Thu:  PM – 7 miles
  • Fri: REST
  • Sat: AM – parkrun & PM – 4 miles
  • Sun: AM – MT 5k race

Total mileage: 41 miles

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