Training Diary wk #9

Back to some normality

This week saw the family get back to some kind of normality. I kicked off the week with 4 miles on the treadmill as there was still snow on the ground meaning it was too risky to run outside. Plus I wanted to get back to the hospital as soon as possible. I had arranged a lift, which allowed me time to get in the run. Still find running on treadmills much harder than running outside. I think it’s the boredom that does it for me. I’ve now started to put headphones on and it allows me to zone out and just get it done.

The good news was Molly was released later that day, as there was nothing more the hospital could do for her. We now know her condition and it’s a case of time. Hoping she recovers and the attacks stop.

Tuesday morning I popped out for an easy 3 miles on my usual route. Out to the local dam and back again. It was good to have the family back home. It was now a case of learning our new normal as a family.

Later that day I did my Tuesday speed session, hoping in the next few weeks to be able to get to the track. At the moment it means an hours travel there and back plus an hour doing my session. It’s hard to be out for that long as my wife is working and someone needs to supervise Molly. This is why I’ve been doing my sessions locally. I opted for 4 sets of 1 minute 30 second recovery, 2 minutes, 60 second recovery and then 3 minutes with 90s recovery. I really nailed this session and it was only a GPS black spot that cost me a faster average time. But I was running sub 5:40 pace for the majority of the session.

Wednesday I felt tired but I only had before lunch to run, so I had to get out soon as my wife was back from doing the school run. I’ve been doing 10 miles most Wednesday but the past few weeks it’s not been possible, I managed to get in 7 miles this week. The first two miles I felt tired but then I found my stride and rest of the run felt really comfortable. It seems some days it takes me 15 mins to get going.

Thursday has now become a tempo Thursday. I’m all for trying new things. With track still ruled out. I want to work on a hard pace. The best place for consistency is the treadmill. Not only do you have to maintain pace or you fly off the end but it’s also a tougher mental battle. This week I did a mile warm up/cool down the 3 miles at 6:00 pace. Aim is to slowly build on both pace and mileage. I always finish a sweaty mess. It bodes well for the hot summer races.

Friday was rest day or for me cross training. I’m trying to introduce it as a way of building my overall fitness and also take pressure of the legs by pounding the tarmac 6 days a week. I’ve really started to enjoy the Elliptical trainer. Friday I knocked out 30 minutes, covering 4.5 miles.

Saturday, I was back to doing parkruns. You can read my full report by clicking here. It was a shock to the system as i’m not used to early morning racing. It also showed where my level of race fitness was or in this case wasn’t.

I was out again later that day, my neighbour dropped me off at Midhope which is 3 miles away and I ran it back home. Made a nice change of scenery and I felt pretty fresh, hence the quicker pace, compared to parkrun it felt very easy.

I finished the week off with my longest run of the year. Again my neighbour was kind enough to drop me off 12 miles from home and I ran it back home. It was 10 miles from Dunford Bridge to Wortley and then 2 miles on the road back to Deepcar. I was pretty settled pace wise, never pushing it and it was only the final two miles I had to work sections. Mile 11 has a few GPS black spots and the final mile is all up hill, so I had to really dig deep to get the final mile under 7. It meant I kept sub 7:00 pace for 12 miles covering the distance in 81:59.

It rounded off a good week of training. I managed two speed sessions during the week, a parkrun and a proper long run. I’m hoping another few months of this and the re-introduction of track work will see me back to my very best soon.

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