Training Diary wk #7

Training goes on the back burner

As I blogged about last week, updates on here have been on the back burner. The past two weeks we’ve spent most of our time in the Sheffield Children’s Hospital with our daughter Molly. She finally came home yesterday, after having spent most of the past 2 weeks there. The long road to recovery now begins. Molly has been our main priority and I cancelled any races I had planned and just got out as and when I could. The majority of runs I did was mainly to stop me from losing it and was my way of dealing with what had happened.

Week 7 started on Wednesday. Monday/Tuesday was just after Molly was taken ill and everything was up in the air. Days just seemed to merge together. Molly was released Tuesday night, this turned out to be very premature but as she was home, I decided to head out for an afternoon 10 miles. I kept phone on me. As we had been in hospital we had nothing in for tea so headed down to ASDA. I ran to feel and again ran it faster then I suspected. I think knowing I had to get back for my daughter helped. The run was pretty OK, although I felt tired towards the backed. Last mile was a bit of a grind. I then got a phone call and had to race back home ASAP as Molly had another seizure.

Molly was still home but she wasn’t well. I nipped out for 3 miles it was done for a fellow running friend and World Kidney Day. It was rubbish conditions and my head wasn’t in it. I just wanted to be with Molly so it turned into a quickish 3 miles. Then as I finished I got the dreaded call from my wife and we once again ended up back at the Children’s.

After once again being released as the doctors still was unsure about her condition. I took my anger out on a short run. I don’t usually run Friday’s but having missed Monday and Tuesday I wanted to run but at the same time I didn’t want to be out of the house for any length of time. So I knocked out a 19 minute 3 miles. It felt good to take all my issues out on the run. Having not road raced since the start of December, this short tempo runs I hope will help me get back to racing fitness quick.

Saturday morning I left daughter a sleep and I didnt want to be out too long or two far away. I opted to do another run locally rather then do a parkrun etc. It had meant to be the first race of my challenge but again I’ve put that on hold till we are in a better position with regards to our daughter. I picked a different route round the back of the works. Stunning views but it’s a tough climb to get up to the top of it.

With wife and family round, I was able to get in a second run that evening. Again I stuck to 3 mile as didn’t want to be out any longer then needed. Was a quick out and back on my usual route. It was just a run more to keep me sane and let me clear my head more than anything.

I didn’t fancy a long run but Sarah insisted. I picked a route that meant should anything happen she could get me on route back to the Children’s. So I did my usual 6 mile out and back route and then headed to Oughtibridge to get my 10 miles in. I enjoyed it and I spent the rest of the day with Molly snuggled up on the sofa. We thought we had turned a corner but it would transpire week 8 would see Molly spend most of it on the ward!

I still managed to get a 30 mile week in. The two 10 milers helped but this year for running has been a real fight to gain any traction. First my injury, then the bad weather and now my daughter. Right now my focus is fully on her getting better but hopefully Spring will be better than winter.

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