Training Diary wk #6

Beast from the east hits the UK

Firstly apologies I’m a week behind. Those who follow me on social media will know the past week has been spent looking after my daughter who was taken seriously ill a week last Sunday. Although not out of the woods, we do hopefully have a correct diagnosis and a clear way forward. Our world has been turned upside down and what is normal has now changed but we will face it as a family. I have my laptop open now while I’m sat next to her, running wise it has taken a backseat for now. I have postponed my challenge till I’m in a position to plan around Molly. I did get out for short runs last week (week #7) but more to clear my head. So to week 6 of my diary and it was a week that was controlled by the Beast from the East.

The week I was suppose to be racing mid week in the first of the Even Splits 5k series in Leeds but with the weather my plans changed daily. However, I also had to make a whistle stop visit to Disneyland Paris for an overnight install, which meant it was a very crazy week.

To kick off the week, I managed to get in a good 10 miles. Wife dropped me of at Millhouse Green, it was sub zero but got wrapped up and got stuck in. 5 miles down the trail then 5 miles back through to Stocksbridge. Pace felt steady and controlled. Last two miles I had to dig in as was mostly up hill but was happy to bag another sub 70 10 mile run. I just need to get over the 10 mile mark.

Then the fun and games began, after finishing coaching, it was an 8 hour journey by train to Disneyland. We got there late at night, we worked through the night to get old models removed. We had to knock off before the park opened, this allowed me to get a short run in before retiring for some well needed sleep. God knows how I managed to run as I was way past tired, or at least I thought, heart rate was low and I bagged a 21:00 5km.

After grabbing a bit of sleep, I headed into the park but it was super freezing, with the water fountains frozen, I went on one roller coaster and the wind chill factor meant I had ice on my face! So I headed out for an afternoon run round the lake and hotel complex by then it had dropped to -8’C. Spent evening sleeping before continuing the install over night.

Final run before journey home, I wanted an easy run as I was due to race at 8pm in Leeds. However, reports back home was basically telling me it was bad. I did 5k round the hotels and lakes. Despite the conditions all the paths were well gritted.

After what seemed like hours I got home to snow, really bad snow. Being on the edge of the Pennines if it snows we get it bad, I am still reluctant to run on the treadmill, so put on plenty of layers and ran on the main road that was clear but that wind, it was that cold it hurt my lungs.

Thursday was really bad after more snow overnight, the only place I could run was on the main road. It meant I spent more energy weaving around abandoned cars then actual running. I had more layers on then someone trecking to the north pole but once I got going I enjoyed it. I kept pace steady but with the snow it meant I was working a bit more but I enjoyed the snow run.

By the afternoon, the roads had been cleared more, which meant I once again togged up. However, I was able to up the pace. I stuck to the main road and every time I was out it felt like I was putting my life into the hands of idiot drivers! who drive like its a summers day with no lights on. You defo had to have your wits about you.

By the weekend the snow had begun to clear but freezing conditions meant all races and parkruns had been cancelled. So I opted to do a hard 5k on the main road. I was rather happy to nail my fastest 3 miles this year, despite the conditions and route. I just need to see how I do in a race now as, at the moment that is what’s lacking. My only gripe from this run was last 400m I had to slow to avoid a dickhead who decided to block my way on purpose. A few choice words was said believe you me!

My second run of the day felt very easy, compared to the mornings effort, despite the pacing saying other wise. I do prefer to run on feel. Sometimes this pace feels controlled, some times it feels hard and on rare occasions it feels a breeze. Right now it is hard to judge where I am as it’s been hard to get to track or when I have it’s been coming back from injury. The same with racing I have not had a road race since beginning of December, it’s longest between races ever. So I’m eager to see where I am at. I think I will either be surprised by my time or concerned.

The week finished off with another 10 mile run. I had planned to run further but more overnight snow meant it was horrendous out. My neighbour dropped me off at Hazelhead to run back to home on the TPT. I thought it was OK but it was ankle deep in snow, it meant it was hard going. I kept phoning wife every 3 miles as the conditions got worse. I jumped off the trail at Thurgoland and have never been so please to see tarmac. By this time my legs had gone due to working hard in the snow. I still managed to get my 10 miles in and it also resulted in my highest mileage of the year.

So despite the conditions. Despite the lack of speed sessions, I did get a good hard 5k in and also plenty of decent miles in. I just need to get back into regular racing/track session shape now. However as you have read, sometimes your world can be turned upside down in the blink of an eye 🙁

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