Training Diary wk #5

1st cut bk week with planned race

After 3 weeks of rebuilding the mileage after my injury in January, last week was a cut back week. I try to stick to the 3 up, 1 down rule when it comes to mileage. 3 weeks of upping the mileage, then cutting back on the 4th week, to give my body a rest, to allow it to recover, adapt and I also stick a target race in as well. After another good 10 miler, everything was starting to slot together. I still feel along way off where I want to be but I do feel every run I’m getting stronger and stronger. The plan was 6 days with reduced mileage then the new challenge starting Sunday at the East Midlands 10k, however things didn’t pan out like that.

I fully expected to be knackered after that tough 10 mile run but I actually felt ok, the quads ached a little but as I wasn’t needed to coach at the track, I took my daughter out for the day and then did 6 miles in the afternoon. I set off and soon settled into 6:40/mi and it felt comfortable, that much so I held the exact pace for 3 miles, I then upped pace without realizing it for next two miles and only dropped pace on final mile as final half a mile was up hill. I still covered 6 miles in under 40 mins.

Tuesday, I did feel the past two days but I had a speed session. I did 8 x 800m on the local trail back from Penistone to Stocksbridge. I’ve found it takes the impact off my back and legs. The session wasn’t flat out but maintaining my target 10k pace over the reps. The session felt good and controlled. I didn’t feel like I was flagging towards the end, my last one was actually one of my fastest. I feel I’m slowly getting there again with my speed. I will be happy when I’m back to doing track sessions fully again.

Wednesday was a busy day, again I spent the day with my daughter, taking her ice skating. Plus I had a meeting with the NSPCC regarding my challenge. It meant I had to make do with just 5 miles in the late afternoon. Again it was another sub 7:00/mi run. It didn’t feel hard and it’s nice to be able to run at this pace comfortably. I just need two things now. One is my top end speed back and another is my longer distance endurance. I still need to get back to running 13-18 mile long runs again.

Thursday was back at the track I opted to do 10 x 400m. The main group did 16 off 60s. I did 10 and then a 200m blast to finish. First one was slow but then I got into a groove and was hitting 74s for majority of the session, only the first and last one was over 75. Which is a good session. By summer I want to be hitting 16 in around 70/71. Good thing is I’m getting there.

After taking my usual rest day Friday. I did an easy 3 miles Saturday morning, to get legs ready for Sundays race. Nothing to write about as was a case of going through the motions. I felt ready for the race. The big question was could I run it in under 37 mins?

So family was up early read to race. We set off and then a family emergency meant we had to turn round halfway down the M1. Gutted not to race but family comes first. It’s not the end of the world as it gives me an extra 2 weeks to get ready for the Cheshire 10k. I finally got out for a run that evening and decided to do a threshold 10k. So kitted up. I set off and was soon running 6:16/mi pace and I held this pace to halfway. Then bang the wind hit me as I ran back eastwards (yes the same wind that has brought the snow this week) my pace dropped to 6:22 for mile 4. This route is usually faster on the way back but I was having to work hard to sustain my pace. I got a 6:19 5th mile in, had it not been for the wind this wold have been a good 10s faster. The final mile was back along Manchester road and then a loop round Fox Valley car park to get in the full 10k distance.

So while I didn’t race, I did manage to get in 3 good speed sessions and I think the 10k threshold will benefit me in the long run. This week has been tough due to the snow and work. I’ve have to take each day as it comes. Main thing is, i’ve been hitting my daily mileage targets.

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