Training Diary wk #2

Re-building back slowly

After a successful week last week, on my return from injury this past week was all about re-adding the mileage and speed work. The aim was to clear 30 miles. Still far short of the miles I usually cover but I want to re-build slowly and do it properly. Last thing I want or can afford is any setbacks, this Sunday is just two weeks till my first challenge race. So time is short and does not give me any wiggle room.

The main sessions would be Tuesday and Sunday. Tuesday as it was my first time back at the track and Sunday was to be a double figure run. I kicked off the week with a 3 mile run. Each mile was progressively faster without really going out my moderate zone. I am a runner who firmly believes you run to how you feel. I was still conscious of the injury but after a parkrun and 8 fairly tough miles on the Sunday, I wanted to keep it easy. Good thing everything felt OK and was good to get another run under the belt.

Tuesday is now my main speed session of the week. With me coaching on a Thursday, I will be doing my speed session on the road during the day. I wasn’t sure how I would do at the track. During warm up, I felt a little discomfort. But then track is unforgiving. The main group was to do 8 x 800m of 90s recovery. I decided to aim for 6 but judge the session as I went. I let the ladies pace first lap and wow it was a shock to the system. I struggled to relax as was thinking of my injury, in doing so, it caused me to run all stiff and I never got into my stride, bare in mind I can usually knocked out 2:3x reps I did 3 x 800m in 2:44, 2:44, 2:43. I then dropped to 600s, with the wind I was happy to knock out those 3 in 2:00, 1:59, 1:58. I then finished with 2 400s in 74 and 77. It wasn’t till halfway through the session did I feel relaxed. However, afterwards I was very sore.

I had some sciatic discomfort by the time I got back home. However, I was back at the physio Wednesday morning and she just worked her magic. She explained my core was getting stronger for normal runs but needed to continue working my core for it to make a difference in my speed work. Good thing was I was still able to get a good 7 miles on Wednesday afternoon. I picked up one of the juniors I coach, did 4 with him with 1.5 miles either side. The conditions were grim but it was another run in the bag, plus 2 miles more then I had originally planned.

Thursday, was speed again. This time I ran down to Fox Valley to do 1 minute reps with 60s recoveries. I clocked 16 reps. Again it took me a while to get into the groove and it wasn’t helped that every alternative rep was into a strong headwind. Pace wasn’t flat out but felt good to get the session done and to come out of it with no aches or pains.

After rest day Friday, I was tempted to do another parkrun but I wanted to be fairly fresh for the vital Sunday run, with my daughter under the weather, I opted to do an afternoon tempo 3 miles round one of the local reservoirs. I got to run on the newly laid path which gave me a full loop. I kept the miles strong at under 6:30 pace. I could feel my leg a little on the road but I soon started to hit a decent pace towards 2.5 miles before turning back up, with final mile being my fastest. Was good to knock out a 19:20 5k without any real trouble.

Sunday, my wife dropped me off at Dunford Bridge. It meant any issues I could pull off at various locations. She was heading to Penistone to do the weekly shop, it was also the halfway point. So I knew I could stop if required. However I set off and the first mile was lovely and I just hit my groove. The miles just flew by and I never felt like I was over working or tiring. Was saying hello to people I passed yet I was running at sub 6:40/mi pace. I was in my element. I passed the Brooms at 8 and half miles but had to say “sorry can’t stop” as was determined to get to 10 miles without stopping. The watch lost signal after tunnel knocking that mile over 6:40 but I finished my 10 mile run in 65:49. I expected to ache. But I stretched before getting back in the car and stayed active in the afternoon. Besides sore quads yesterday I had no ill-effects from what has been my fav run of 2018 so far.

It meant I finished with 31 miles for the week, 10 miles more then the previous week and heading the right way. This week, will see my first race of 2018, so will be a tough test. Especially as it’s a XC race which is my weakest event.

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