Training Diary wk #10

Slowly getting the mileage in

After getting in a good week last week, I went into this week feeling happy. I knew I had work to do but knew I just had to get a sequence of weeks in and I would hopefully be flying again. My main issue at the moment is I can’t justify going to track as it’s a 60 minute journey both ways then session last’s at least an hour and with my daughter requiring care, it’s not something that’s right. It does mean that I’m lacking that top end speed that track session brings but I am working on alternatives and also as I type this I’m putting things in place that I think will help me get back on the right track and on to the next level.

Monday, I didn’t get out till the afternoon as I had a meeting in the morning and then I was on Radio Sheffield in the afternoon. The legs felt OK and kept it pretty controlled on my usual route. It does get a tad tedious running round the same routes but if not I would be hill training everyday, which isn’t my idea of fun!

Tuesday was an easy day as I had hopes of finally doing my first road race of 2018. However, it was also my daughters first day back at school, she only did half a day and I stayed with her as she needed constant care. I went out for my run at lunch time. Keeping to my usual 5k run.

I can’t get the mileage in like some runners. I’d love to knock out 100 mile weeks but at the moment I’d end up crocked. So I’ve decided to introduce some cross training. My local gym has elliptical trainers and while I’ve frowned upon these in the past, I enjoyed this session and since have slowly increased the amount of times a week I’ve been on it. I’m aiming to get up 5 days a week.

Wednesday morning I did an early pre-breakfast run to get legs ready for the race later that evening. I felt good and was optimistic of a good race later that evening. Hardest part of this run was holding back. Was also a shock to system getting up and out the door so early. Not used to running before 9am

So to the race, it turned out to be a lot better then expected. I not only ran my fastest 5k of the year but I also ran sub 18 which was good after a shit start to the year and just what the old mojo needed. You can read my full race report by clicking here.

Thursday morning I was buzzing. The high of a race is one way of giving you extra motivation and I had plenty. I do doubt my training and still think I can always improve. I just need to find someone/club/coach that gets me and help me achieve me goals. I’ve tried plenty of clubs yet never stayed for one reason or another. I’ve tried online coaching but people need to understand me and yet to find that one person who I could put my full confidence in to help coach me. Anyway with renewed optimism I was out again before breakfast for another easy run. Same route as Wednesday run, aim was to flush the legs.

Now I decided to do a tempo run in the afternoon. Although I had raced, I felt it would be a good idea to do 2 x 10 minutes at sub 6:00 minute pace. With where I live the easiest place to do a tempo run was on the treadmill as it allowed me to keep a consistent pace without a changing environment and avoiding hills, it felt harder but I put that down to fatigue from the previous days race. However I got the session done, plus a couple extra miles in on the warm up and cool down to get some extra miles in.

After a much needed rest day I was back to do my home parkrun at Hallam. Yup the one with the water feature, I ended up 10s slower than the previous Saturday and over 40s slower than Weds but I put that down to the tougher route, the conditions and also fatigue. I had pushed it Wed/Thurs and my body is still adapting, to both increase in mileage and intensity. However long term I think there will be a benefit. You can read my blog report by clicking here.

I still was back out again Saturday for a second 3 mile run. Going forward I might tag on miles at the end of a parkrun. I think doing parkrun then 2-4 further miles hard will really help me long term. Plus it means I’m not pounding the same routes in Stocksbridge day in day out. It does get very tedious.

To round off the week, I embarked on my long run I arranged to meet family at Cineworld at lunch time. So it gave me a finishing point. I wanted to get over this mental block I had of doing 13.1 miles. I had purchased some headphones and I’ve found they help me on my long runs. Just like they do when I’m at the gym. So I set off and headed down to Hillsborough, out to Meadowhall and then round and finished at the EIS. I not only managed to do it but also bagged all 13 miles in under 7:00/mi pace. Covering the half marathon distance in a respectable 1:30:09.

Again it was a massive confidence boost and this week was my best week of the year in terms of training and racing. I was hoping I had finally turned a corner after a ton of bad luck this year. However as you will find out my luck was only going to get worse!

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