Training Diary wk #1

Back at it, slowly

So 2018 I had planned to hit the ground running, with the re-arranged Telford 10k and then the 4 Villages half marathon. Instead I’ve spent January injured, besides managing Bakewell parkrun on the 13th I’ve not been able to train or run. This issue first started before Xmas, doing 5 x 1 mile, then sub 17 5k and 3 x 3k on the treadmill on consecutive days probably caused it. I’ve found I run differently on the treadmill. It meant I lost a week between Xmas and New Year, then when I tried to start in the New Year, it was worse. I had to wait 10 days till I could afford to go to a physio, who mis-diagnosed my condition. I did Bakewell then the pain was back. I thought I had piriformis syndrome but I went and got a second opinion and the issue turned out to be a problem in the middle of my back and this was causing sciatic pain.

The physio has now seen me 4 times and has also helped me understand the need for a decent core. I am now working hard on my core, I can feel it improving and last week, I slowly re-introduced running. I started last Monday with a simple goal of one mile round the track. Probably not the best place to do it as the ground is unforgiving but where I live is very hilly and running downhill made the pain worse. I set off very gingerly and while it was slightly uncomfortable, I managed the full mile. I then coached the juniors and it allowed me to keep moving and stretch.

Tuesday I felt okay and woke with no pain, now I will be honest here, I could still feel the injury but it wasn’t painful. My physio said I wasn’t doing any damage by running, but to build it up slowly so went out and did a mile and turned around and ran it back. The first mile was pain free but then slowly could feel it, which I expected but it was still only mild discomfort. I got it done and best bit was there was no pain afterwards.

Wednesday was another trip to the physio and I was a tad sore afterwards, so left run till late afternoon and aim was 3 miles. I did same first mile as previous day and was okay, the second mile was also pain free, just like the previous day it was the final mile that felt uncomfy but again I had managed 3 miles and 2 was pain free. I felt sore that evening but I think that was also down to visiting the physio.

Thursday, I was very tempted to do track but wiser heads (aka the wife) talked me into staying local. So extending the route I had done on Wednesday I knocked out 4 miles and best bit was that all 4 was pain free, I even included a hill finish. It really did feel good.

Friday was gym work, I worked on my core and strength work. This is now as important as any other session. I have neglected it for far too long and it finally caught up with me. Lesson learnt. This weekend I decided to have a crack at parkrun, just to see how the body responded to a bit of speed (you can read the report here). I followed that by running with Emily and Cyane on Sunday. This was the biggest test so far, I ran 8 miles at a steady pace with last two miles pick up. The good thing was it was pain free and was able to really enjoy it. It meant I had managed 21 miles for the week.

This was fantastic but I have a long way to go, as I’m still not 100% injury free, but I’ve been told it’s going to take time and the parkrun showed that 4 weeks off next to no training meant I had lost my top end pace and fitness. I do know this will come back soon, so long as I’m sensible and build back slowly. So this weeks plan is to try a track session and also hit double figures on Sunday, with aim to hit 30 miles.

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