Training Dairy wk #4

Finally back up to 40 miles

After slowly re-building the mileage since my injury, this week felt like a proper training week. Everything clicked and I’m honestly starting to feel like I’m getting back to where I was before my injury. Now I want to be better than I have ever been, I’m not getting younger so my window to improve is growing smaller as the years tick by. My current goals are to run sub 17 for 5k, sub 35 for 10k and sub 75 for HM. The first two I find are my most achievable goals and think with this years challenge and 6 HM lined up I can give a sub 75 a really good shot towards the back end of the year.

For now I’m focused on re-building the mileage and getting up to 50 then 60 miles. I would like to be up to 70 – 80 mile weeks before the end of the year. After the injury setback I’m being sensible and re-building slowly. Last week was my 3rd week of re-building and my aim was to hit 40+ miles. I’ve still not got back up to running big long runs yet but at the moment 10 miles I can do without suffering afterwards, my main goal was to nail two 10 mile runs and two speed sessions during the week. I had pencilled in a parkrun Saturday but in the end I opted not to do one, will explain later.

It had snowed over night and because I had been to a rock concert, it meant I was super tired. I held fire till gone lunch to run due to the snow, by this time it had begun to melt. However, it was still a bit dangerous underfoot and I didn’t want to risk an injury so I was very cautious on my run. I was happy with how the pace felt and my settled heart rate.

Tuesday, as I’ve mentioned previously I swapped back from track to road. I picked 5 x 1200m with 90s recoveries. I picked a route that would allow me to open up and hit my target times. I managed to sustain an average pace of 5:45/mi over the session. I did a good 10 minute warm up and then a mile warm down. It meant I clocked over 6 miles and finally nailed a half decent speed session.

Wednesday morning I clocked my first midweek 10 miler in ages, I ran out to the TPT and then was joined by Zak who did the final 4 with me. I kept a very easy pace as it was about getting the 10 miles in the bag, besides a blast in the last mile, I kept a consistent easy pace. It was a massive plus to get the run in the bag and with every passing run, I feel myself getting stronger.

Thursday, I opted to do a track session with my old group. For the past 6 months I’ve been helping coach or running with Team Russell at 5pm but felt with my recovery, the sessions at 6 better suited me. The session was 5 x 1000m. My aim was to run all these in under 3:30 and see if I could do a 6th one on my own. The first three was done in 3:21, 3:23, 3:28 and then the next three done 3:22, 3:23, 3:27. Like an idiot I pressed save instead of paused on my watch so below is the session split in two.

After a rest day Friday, I was still considering a parkrun but with the family all still trying to catching up with the concert and with me only preferring to do ones to chase times, I opted for a double day with both at a steady pace. The first one Saturday morning I tried a new route with a loop round the local retail outlet, with a few gnarly climbs in. Still clocking sub 7:00/mi pace. In the afternoon after watching Black Panther I did my usual 5k loop but decided to open it up a little and ended up clocking a 6:17/mi to finish. It also meant I managed to also do my first double day of the year. 🙂

Sunday I had two sessions pencilled in. 13/14 miles easy or 10 miles with 4 miles at pace. Had I done parkrun I would have probably opted for the longer run but as I had first race of my challenge a week later I need to know I could knock out a decent 10 miles. So I did 3 miles as a warm up all at 6:40/mi pace and then ramped up to sub 6:20/mi pace for the next 4. It felt tough but sustainable, I then did the final 3 miles easier, heart rate dropped down to sub 160 BPM but my pace actually only dropped to 6:30 pace for final 3 miles. It meant I did the 10 miles in 64:42. I was well happy with this and it meant I finished the week with 44.5 miles.

I’ve dropped it down to under 35 this week with race on Sunday, then I will start to build back up again during March. By the end of March I should be closing in on 60 miles a week.

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