Training Dairy wk #3

First week to end with a race

I’m finally getting into the swing of things. The weekly mileage isn’t back to pre-injury but I’m slowly re-adding it. At the moment I’m not doing any double days. While I am running again, the injury is still in the recovery stage and as such I don’t want to over do it and have a setback.

After a fab 10 mile run to finish the previous week, I started this week with renewed optimism. I kicked off with 6 miles. Despite it snowing I clocked a decent 6 miles. The legs felt the 10 miles but that was to be expected. The Monday runs are always done to feel. I’ve tried to buy in to the heart rate but if I feel good I will run quicker. If I feel tired or conditions are poor the run will be slower. I was rather surprised with the average pace but it felt comfortable. The aim for Monday’s is to get up to 10 miles.

Tuesday was back at the track. The session was 10 x 600m. The body felt better than the previous week but still find running on the track a tad uncomfortable. I got 5 x 600’s out the way and could feel back and wasn’t relaxing. I opted to drop to 400’s for last 5 and it helped. I got the quality and ran the 400’s better than I expected. However I still prefer track sessions on a Thursday. I feel with long runs, I’m more tired on a Tuesday so find it hard to get quality I want/need on the track. Yet can knock out longer reps on the road at target paces. So thinking of switching things around. However these were my splits: 1:56, 1:55, 1:57, 1:58, 1:58. 400m splits, 74, 75, 73, 73, 72, 73

Wednesday I was pretty sore, then I went to the physio and that only made it worse. However I had made arrangements to pick up Zak and take him on a run. So I ran out to pick him up, then we ran out towards Langsett, with a nice hill in the middle. Turned around and ran it back. For an U13 this kid has some serious talent. I on the other hand felt like a proper old man. I ached from my chest down. On the brightside I did clock 8 miles.

Now my plan was for a Thursday speed session and I had planned on a road session during the day but I was still sore and I decided best option was to swap my rest day and listen to the body. I’m thankful that I did but I like routine and come Friday it was hard to get motivated to get out. I finally went late morning. After a mile warm up, I set watch for 4 x 5:00 I made sure each rep had hills in, I set off well but first hill was into a strong head wind, I then managed to get into a good routine knocking out sub 6:00/mi pace on the flats and keeping it strong on the hills. Was a tough session but felt better for getting it done.

With Sunday being my first race of the season, Saturday was a steady afternoon 3 miles on my usual loop, I felt good and was ready for what ever Sunday would bring. I do need to get back into regular early morning runs. However at the moment as a family we are lucky to have one lay in a week. As I continue to rebuild, the double days will return and will include pre-breakfast 5k runs at least twice a week.

The week finished with my first race at the Northern Masters XC Championships (you can read that report here), where I was well out my comfort zone. With the race not being till lunch it was impossible to do anymore miles this week, as after getting showered and changed we went to a punk rock concert, my legs were not liking the standing and jumping around but the memories will last a life time! I have a pretty hectic March coming up, with every Sunday taken up with a race. It also includes my 1st half marathon since January last year. My main concern is lack of long runs.

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