Training August

A strange month with no consistency

August training for want of a better word was intermittent. It was probably my worse month for consistency since I begun my training plan in May. That’s not to say I didn’t get the miles in just that I felt it lack any real structure or direction. Having a two week break probably wasn’t helpful. It was a quiet month for racing as well. With only the York 10k and Spencers Dash being my only real racing. I did get a very fast paced 5k in as well but it wasn’t in an official race. That sub 17 is still to come.

The month kicked off on a Wednesday with an easy run in the morning and this was followed by the race that evening. A 3.7 mile local hilly race. A crazy downhill start with some big hills afterwards. Was a good start as a Barnsley AC runner. Thursday was a double easy run day. With 4 miles in the morning and 6 miles in the evening.  Friday I did a 10 mile run with a bit of a difference. 1 mile easy, 1 mile steady, 1 mile fast, 1 mile steady, 1 mile easy and did this twice with my fast miles being at 5:40 pace! I followed that up with 4 miles easy on Saturday afternoon and then the York 10k Sunday morning.

Week 1

  • Wed: AM – 3 miles & PM  – Spencers Dash
  • Thu: AM – 4 miles & PM – 6 miles
  • Fri: PM – 10 miles
  • Sat: PM  – 4 miles
  • Sun: AM – 6.2 miles
Total mileage: 37 miles (not including mileage from last 2 days of July)

I kicked off the first full week of August with 10 miles round the new cycle track. Managed to create a 5 mile loop around the valley. With plenty of variations I can see it becoming a regular route for me. Tuesday morning I did early 4 miles as I was helping the father in law to re-roof the garage. It meant getting nice and tanned before my holiday to Spain. After knocking off in the afternoon, I did 7 x 1k off 90s with the following splits, 3:22, 3:22, 3:21, 3:21, 3:17, 3:18, 3:19. Was very happy with the session. Wednesday was two easy runs with 5 miles in morning and then 6 miles in the evening. Thursday was day 100 of my plan (a new one started in September), I celebrated with 4 miles in the morning and then 16 x 400m in the afternoon. Knocking them all out in under 75s. Was very happy with how the session went.

Friday I did 3 miles plotting a potential Xmas race and then 7 in the evening. Saturday I did a fast 5k in 16:43 (now need to do it in a real race) and 4 miles in afternoon. Sunday I did 13.1 miles with 11 of those easy then last two miles at 10k pace. It was a real battle those last two miles.

Week 2

  • Mon: AM – 10 miles
  • Tue: AM – 4 miles & PM 7 x1000m off 90s
  • Wed: AM – 5 miles & PM  – 6 miles
  • Thu: AM – 4 miles & PM 16 x 400m off 60s
  • Fri: AM – 3 miles & PM – 7 miles
  • Sat: AM – 3 miles & PM  – 4 miles
  • Sun: AM – 13 miles
Total mileage: 73 miles

After a solid week I was feeling pretty good and wanted to race but there was nothing that ticked the boxes and wasn’t going to do one just for the sake of it so it became another training week. Kicking off with an easy 6 miles in the morning and another gentle 4 miles in the evening. Tuesday was the club relays, a 2km loop route the local reservoir. I was last to go but ran the fastest vet leg in 8:58. I did the same loop as a warm up and cool down. Plus got 4 miles in the morning. Wednesday was double easy day with both at 5 miles. Thursday was a social run with friends in the morning and then mile reps in the evening.

Friday/Saturday I didn’t run due to feeling under the weather and not wanting to go on holiday ill. I did get in one final long run before the holiday with 13.1 miles at sub 90 minute pace. Was a killer final run but was good with a number of half marathons coming up.

Week 3

  • Mon: AM – 6 miles & PM 4 miles
  • Tue: AM – 4 miles & PM club relays
  • Wed: AM – 5 miles & PM 5 miles
  • Thu: AM – 5 miles & PM  5 x 1 miles
  • Fri: AM – Rest
  • Sat: AM – Rest
  • Sun: AM – 13 miles
Total mileage: 51 miles

This was the start of the 10 day break in Spain. Monday I travelled so what I did for the 10 days is pushed everything on a day during the week. It was also a cut back week, so decided to keep to one run a day throughout the majority of the holiday. Tuesday started with 8 miles along the beach. This was done before the break of dawn and it was still in the late 20’s. By 8 o’clock it was roasting. But felt good to get it done and be back for breakfast and able to enjoy the break. I had planned using the gym but it didn’t have a treadmill or cross trainer which meant I did a lot more swimming.

Wednesday I did a speed session, 1 mile warm up then 8 x 3:00 off 90s recovery. Kept pace at 10k as the heat was a real pace killer. Still managed a solid session considering it was technically still be 7am in the UK. Thursday I did an out and back 10 miles. Heading out towards Marbella and back. Friday was another speed session. This time it was 16 x 60s off 60s. Again it was brutal in the heat, again I nailed a decent session much to my surprise. Saturday we had an early start as we went to Gibraltar for the day. Sunday was a long 12 miles with a hill climb involving 192 steps! up and then 192 back down. I managed to pull my hamstring! I did get out Monday for 8 miles but felt very sore and again Tuesday I had to admit defeat as I got 5 miles in. I took the rest of August off to let the leg heal and also meant I had to drop the Wetherby 10k. As while come weekend I was able to run I didn’t want to do anything fast and risk re-injuring it again.

Week 4/5

  • Mon: AM – Rest
  • Tue: AM – 8 miles
  • Wed: AM – 8 x 3:00 off 90s
  • Thu: AM – 10 miles
  • Fri: AM – 16 x 1:00 off 60s
  • Sat: AM – Rest
  • Sun: AM – 12 miles
  • Mon: AM – 8 miles
  • Tue: AM – 5 miles
Total mileage: 55 miles

I managed one really good week, then a few hit and miss weeks. The mileage was lower then I wanted but I did nail the speed sessions both in the UK and in Spain. Now we hit September I’ve started a new block of training. I’ve taken what I’ve learnt over the past couple of months and made a few tweaks to my weekly training plan. Plus I am now racing every weekend till the end of the year so I’ve made sure to put a rest day in every week as well as trying to get some decent mileage in. I’m building mileage up from 60 this week and aim to be hitting 80-90 come turn of the year when I can get a few good months of training in before spring begins. Here is what a basic week will look like going forward:

Week 1

  • Mon: AM – 10 miles & PM 4 miles
  • Tue: AM – 4 miles & PM Intervals
  • Wed: AM – Rest
  • Thu: AM – 4 miles & PM Track
  • Fri: AM – 10 miles
  • Sat: AM – 3 miles
  • Sun: AM – Race & PM 6 miles
Total mileage: 60+ miles

As you can see from above I’m got two speed sessions in between my rest day and two 10 mile runs. As I build the mileage up the 4 mile runs will all become 5 then 6 etc. I also aim to either increase the Friday run or add an additional run in the afternoon, depending on how I recover in time for Sunday. Likewise Saturday is just a leg turn over day to keep me fresh (as possible) for Sunday race. If it’s 10k I aim to do a recovery run so I cover a half marathon distance on a Sunday., If it’s a half marathon I will take the afternoon off. Monday is my long run day, split over two runs. As weeks progress the miles on a Monday will increase. I’ve stuck to doing intervals on a Tuesday and flat out speed work on a Thursday. Again depending on how races are going will depend on sessions. If I’m tired I will do them at controlled paces rather then flat out. Hopefully I have the right balance to race every week and also improve in my training.

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