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Trafford GP 3000m

Got a few blog posts to write up this week, will start the week with a blog post about last week’s 3000m race. Originally I had penciled in the NMAC 5000m championship last Wednesday, I thought it was on Tuesday night but was too late entering, so in the end it didn’t matter. I wanted to race after Sale as felt I needed to keep the memento going. Thankfully my daughters coach (Jamie Russell) was going over to Trafford on Tuesday night and offered me a lift, this is an event that is a must do if you want a fast time at 3000m or lower. The event is packed with talent with team GB internationals mixing it up with quality club runners and up and coming juniors. For example one of the juniors Jamie took ran 2:07 for 800m in only his second race, this lad has serious potential!

My race was 18:30 depending on numbers depended on how many heats, before hand I had bumped in to Ben Fish and was nice to finally say hello and chat even somewhat briefly. After a warm up round Longford Park, I made my way to the start. Must admit it felt strange not having my wife and daughter there but I put that to back of my head and focused on task in hand. We was called up and the A race which was for anyone who had a PB of 9:01 or quicker, that is seriously quick. I watched the race on the sideline before it was time for the B race, which was 9:55 or quicker. I scraped in with a 9:54.76.

My target firstly was to go sub 10, as I continue working on regaining my top end speed. The gun went and within 200m there was two packs the lead pack and one behind me. I decided to try and stay with the lead group. I sat at the back for first 800m, going through the first 1000m in 3:08.  I then got dropped as they pushed on and I faded on lap 4 and found myself on my own. My pace dropped and I got caught by a Chorlton Runner at half way, the second 1000m was crap and Jamie said as much afterwards, I should have battled when I got caught instead of letting him and then another runner pass me. I picked it up again towards the end and as I battled back I started to close the gap on two runners who had gone with the lead group and coming in last 200m it was a 5 way tussle with just a few second in it between 5 of us. The winner of our race clocked a fantastic time of 9:01. I came 13th in my race in 9:56.33 a new outdoor PB by 1.77 seconds and was only 1.57s off my indoor and all time personal best.

Yet again in a 3000m race it’s the middle section that cost me, I spoke with Jamie afterwards about the race, he had timed me and said up to around halfway was running sub 9:30 pace. So it shows how much I faded in the middle. We are going to work together to make sure we both know my splits at the 200m mark before the 15th so I can pace it better and hopefully I can not only break my PB but dip under 9:50 for first time.

I have two more Trafford GP’s coming up before the end of August, so got some work to do 🙂

  • 13th in 9:56.33

Kit used in race

  • Zeon Lightweight Race Vest
  • Zeon 6 inch Racing Shorts
  • Adidas Arriba Spikes
  • Naked Runner Classic Black Sunglasses
  • Sockmine Griplock lightweight running socks
  • Garmin 220

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