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Trafford GP 3000m

All recent track races have been aimed at one thing, smashing my personal best at 3000m. I set my all time PB indoors back in Feb and while I’ve done a fair few since I’ve not gotten near that time, be it bad conditions or like in May still recovering from the marathon. I had done one session with Jamie last time I did a 3000m and it resulted in an outdoor PB of 9:56.33 but still 2s off. The good thing was it was a step in the right direction and also Jamie watched the race, which allowed him to see me in action and get a better understanding of me and how I raced etc. In that race I went off too hard and faded before managing to pull it back on last 2 laps.

Since then Jamie has worked with me on track as well as getting me to do shorter races resulting in 3 new personal bests. This time I went into the race with a plan. I set myself a target of 9:50 and worked out both my 400m splits and 200m splits then every 400m from there. This meant I could get Sarah to monitor my splits as I crossed the finish line each lap and I could check with time keeper who stood on the start line. I had a bit of a panic on as I nipped to the loo and saw race lining up to start. Turned out to be A race which was for people 8:50 or faster!

So relaxed and watch that race unfold before we lined up, off we went and settled into my own rythm and went through first 400m a little bit faster then my split but not too much that it was too fast. It took a few laps for the race to settle down, with those going out too hard fading and others building into it. As for me, after doing those short races the first mile felt controlled and easy and went through each 200 just under my target pace. Getting feedback every lap from Sarah helped my keep focused and allowed me to adjust if required. My watch is rubbish on the track with correct distance measurements but I knew first K on clock was under my target time.

I now had a bit of a battle on my hands as a lady was being told by her coach to draft of me, much to my annoyance. However I ignored it and stuck to my plan as I ticked away the laps. I was on the money up till 800m to go and had a bad 200m from the start line. As I went through, I heard Sarah shout, you need to pick it up now Rich, so I did and managed to get a good final 400m, having a good tussle with a few others and pace got down to sub 5:00/mi pace as I dipped at the line. I stop watch and it read 9:50.xx on the screen, Strava rounded it up to 9:51 but I knew it was a big PB. While I cooled down and waited for the results I got to watch two other athletes coached by Jamie race well in their respective 800m races. The results got posted and my official time was 9:49.67 I had dipped under 9:50 for the first time and knocked 7s off my outdoor PB and 5s off my overall PB. Over such a short distance is staggering. I was over the moon and a fab way to kick off my holiday.

I spoke to Jamie afterwards and he was equally as happy and said a good winter training and XC and I should be looking at making some serious dents in my current PB’s There is still time to have a crack at 10k and 5k before the year is out but I can feel myself getting stronger and having another pair of eyes to watch me weekly is just what I need.

  • 11th in 9:49.67

Kit used in race

  • Zeon Lightweight Race Vest
  • Zeon 6 inch Racing Shorts
  • Adidas Arriba Spikes
  • Sockmine Griplock lightweight running socks
  • Garmin 220

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