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Trafford GP 1500m

Happy Friday everyone, I only wrote up last weeks race on Monday and mentioned in that blog post that I was aiming to do a 3000m at Trafford on Tuesday night, I also wrote that myself and Jamie both felt I had a faster 1500m time in me. Well events transpired which meant I didn’t get to Stretford till 7:30 while the 800m races were on, this meant I had missed the 3000m, so opted to do the 1500m instead of missing racing. I still had the words Jamie had said to me fresh in my mind, getting a better start and then making sure lap 3 I didn’t fall apart.

Upon arrival I entered, picked up number and then Molly did some drills with me, while there, Jess Judd who recently raced the 1500m at the World Champs, was there cooling down and took a minute to pose for photo with Molly. It made her night. I watched Cyane Robinson a U17 coached by Jamie smash her PB at 800m despite still building back her fitness due to a stress fracture. After we were called up and our numbers read out, I was placed in race 4. The first race was won in 3:56.00 by Anthony Whiteman, the next race was won in 4:06.79 and the third race in 4:15.51. Looking at results I would have held my own in this race.

So to my race. I felt good and nervous, I was better placed on the startline and as the gun went I made sure to start better and soon slotted in behind two younger runners. My thinking was to stay within 1 metre of them for first lap and let them pace me. I did this and soon found a female runner coming on my shoulder on the outside, I made a point to keep her behind me no matter what, the front two also responded. We went though 400m in 75s. So far so good, still want to go through faster but I had a plan and was sticking to it.

The second lap was a case of staying on the front two while keeping the lass from passing, the split was 2:25 I think (maybe 2:26) I then made my move as I wanted that to be closer to 2:20. I took second place and was soon chasing the leader who glanced back and realised he was now being chased, the rest of the race was hard. I really ground out a fast 3rd lap and then on the bell managed to find another gear I was closing on 1st place but wasn’t paying attention to what was behind me as on the 150m I got taken by the lad I had passed earlier and it was an all out sprint to the finish line. I even dipped my head as I came home in 3rd place. On watch it said 4:37.xx and I was overjoyed with that time as I had nailed it and still knew I could go faster with an even faster first 800m. When the results came in my exact time was 4:36.94, I missed out on second place by 0.68 of a second!

This now ranks me 3rd for 1500m in Yorkshire. Not bad going for what in reality is my first season of track racing and after speaking to Jamie we both think there is a lot more to come. With this my distance target is now to get sub 4:30. Now I switch focus to 800m next Saturday before I have another crack at 3000m a week on Tuesday back at Stretford.

September will see my final month of track racing for 2017 before I switch to XC, Indoors and some road racing. I might even be making my 10000m track debut.

  • 3rd in 4:36.94

Kit used in race

  • Zeon Lightweight Race Vest
  • Zeon 6 inch Racing Shorts
  • Adidas Arriba Spikes
  • Sockmine Griplock lightweight running socks
  • Garmin 220

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