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University of Manchester Relays

Before I get to my blog post about this past weekends awesome results at Leeds, I have the relays to ramble about. Took a while as results took an ages to be published on Power of 10. In the past, I’ve only ever done three relay races and never really …

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MACCL – Heaton Park

After a few years of planning on doing cross country then changing my mind, I actually managed to race one this past Saturday. It was hard, it hurt and I’m on a big learning curve but I plan on doing a full season. My hope/ambition is come spring I will …

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Autumn/Winter 2017 Plans

The summer has now officially ended, so has my track season. I will bring you up to speed with my final summer training blog within the next week. I had planned on finishing my track season with the Leeds mile with aim to officially get that sub 5 mile but …

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Newton BOCO Sol Review

It's been a while since I've reviewed a pair of running shoes. I like to get some good miles in them before I share my thoughts. Over the winter I have continued to wear my Gravity IV and have done over 400 miles in them now. I will be upgrading to …

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