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Stretford parkrun #101

Regular readers of my blog will know I have a love/hate relationship with parkrun. When I first got into running, especially 2014 I loved parkrun as I continued to improve and managed to do one every week that year. However, as I’ve improved and my view points have changed so …

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Trafford GP 1500m

Happy Friday everyone, I only wrote up last weeks race on Monday and mentioned in that blog post that I was aiming to do a 3000m at Trafford on Tuesday night, I also wrote that myself and Jamie both felt I had a faster 1500m time in me. Well events …

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Stretford parkrun #79

I must admit, it’s taken me all week to get round to writing up Saturday’s parkrun. all runners have peaks and troughs, at the moment I feel like I’m stuck in a deep trough. I will say/write it till I’m blue in the mouth but I still feel I peaked …

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Stretford parkrun #77

A lot of things have changed for me recently, confronting my weight/scales issue, job and also rediscovering my fire with running. I’m guilty of easily having my mind changed by others yet when I go back to what I know it works and what has made me the runner I …

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