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Chest Infection Strikes Again!

My Nemesis has once again reared it’s ugly head! I’m sat typing this feeling very frustrated with things. I can say over the years I’ve been running I can count the days I’ve missed through injury on my fingers, however the same can’t be said when it comes to illness…… …

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Abbey Dash plans scuppered

Those who follow me on social media and/or read my blog will know that yesterday was the Leeds Abbey Dash. This was my target race, everything had been building towards this race. However even the best laid plans sometimes go wrong.   Yesterday I had to make the judgement call …

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Training Diary w/e 24/7

The third week of my training plan, also saw the arrival of “summer” here in the UK. This meant it gave me the chance to run is some very warm weather. Now I loath running in heat! I find it a real killer but if I’m to train in Cyprus …

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