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Asics Gel Hyper Speed 6 Review

Downtime means can get some more reviews done. While there are new versions now on the market the Asics Gel Hyper Speed 6 can still be purchased online for around £40 if you shop around, this was my racing shoe at the turn of  last year and when my adidas Tempo …

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Training Diary 18/9

Burnout, training too hard, spreading myself too thin, plateaued. These are just a few things being said and what I have thought about this week. I do over analysis everything but then again I want to be better. I asked on the Facebook group ‘I was or am a runner’ for …

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OOFOS Recovery Footwear Review

OOFOS??? Is what you first ask and I will be honest I asked the same question when their Twitter account followed me. Being nosy I did my homework and was rather intrigued by their product. Their tagline is "Your feet earned this". We are all looking at things to helps …

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Injinji RUN 2.0 Series Review

One thing with my marathon training that I’ve had to deal with is blisters for the first time ever. Before January, I’ve raced over 100 races, on the road, on the trails, on the fells, through mud, swamps, peat bogs and rivers. I’ve run in snow, rain, thunder storms and …

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Adidas Supernova Glide 6 Boost Review

So today I clocked a few milestones, firstly my first ever 19 mile running beating my previous furthest run by 2 miles. Secondly I clocked my biggest week of mileage ever! and 1501 miles for the year. Also I hit 500 miles in my Adidas Supernova Glide 6 Boost so …

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