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Asics Gel Hyper Speed 6 Review

Downtime means can get some more reviews done. While there are new versions now on the market the Asics Gel Hyper Speed 6 can still be purchased online for around £40 if you shop around, this was my racing shoe at the turn of  last year and when my adidas Tempo …

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SockMine Griplock Lightweight Socks Review

Socks, one thing all runners need, yet sometimes we neglect. My issue has always been finding something that fits, a lot of leading brands don't go over size 10/11. Since September I've been supported by SockMine, for most races I've used their Griplock Anklet, you can read my review here. …

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SockMine Griplock Anklet Sock Review

Having big feet has and always will be an issue with regards to running. Trainers I've already covered in past articles in that I can range from a 12 to a 13 depending on brand and that I'm limited to what is on the market. However the more pressing issue …

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Injinji RUN 2.0 Series Review

One thing with my marathon training that I’ve had to deal with is blisters for the first time ever. Before January, I’ve raced over 100 races, on the road, on the trails, on the fells, through mud, swamps, peat bogs and rivers. I’ve run in snow, rain, thunder storms and …

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