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Strava account back up & running

For past two months, I’ve been using a new (temporary) account. This was due to a issue with accounts that had been Beta testing the upcoming athlete posts feature that is now being rolled out for selected high profile users while it is tested in a live environment now the guinea pigs …

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#TBT – Wilmslow HM

Apologies for lack of #throwbackthursday articles but past two weeks been sharing an old photo on social media with a small story as not been worthy of full blown blog post. This week however I’ve picked the Wilmslow HM. This was my 15th HM in 15 months and I can …

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#TBT – Brass Monkey HM 2015

This weekend it’s the very popular Brass Monkey HM, two years ago it was the setting for my final half marathon of HM challenge. This is where I did 13 half marathons in 13 months (+ the now famous cancelled HM). Instead of race report here is the interview I …

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#TBT – Travellers 6 2015

As I’m doing the Travellers 6 this Sunday, with aim to race it and finish higher then last year, then run it again for the mileage. I felt it was worthy to revisit my report from last years race, so here you go. Thanks to Yorkshire running FB page for …

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#TBT – Bolsover 10k 2015

It’s the Bolsover 10k this Sunday and while I’m not doing it this year (mainly because I try and stick to UKA races), it is a popular local 10k and one I look back on fondly. I was in a low patch due to my racing ever week challenge but …

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Running clubs my chequered past, present & future

Those who know me, will know I have a rather chequered history with clubs. The reason for this latest rambling is to try to make sense of the club swapping, the club(s) I’m with now and my hopes for a settled future.  One thing I’m good at be it unintentional …

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