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Tad 10

The Good the bad & the Ugly, would be the prefect title for this race report. The race was a roller coaster. This was my first 10 mile race since last October and to finish 31s down on that time isn’t all bad. However it’s a long way from where I want to be and have been. Firstly back in March I clocked a 52:57 9 mile time, on that pace I would have done a sub 60 minute 10 mile time. In May I clocked a 59:35 10 mile split in my Chester HM PB race. Now if I was in that form a sub 60 is my goal at 10 mile and I would be lying if I told you it wasn’t my aim yesterday because it was.

Yet I should have been more realistic in my goal, as I should have set a more realistic time based on where I am at currently. At the moment I’m a very frustrated runner, I know how good I had gotten this spring yet I’m no-where near that at the moment and I honestly can’t understand how I’ve lost so much. Based on recent times I’d be lucky to get a sub 36 10k time, when I feel I should be knocking on the sub 35 door. So if anyone one can help me understand reasons why and can tell me how I can get it back, then please do!

So to yesterday, we arrived in plenty of time to get parked up and enjoy the late summer sunshine. I did my warm up and realised it was going to be a warm race. I then said same to Sarah and already in my head had admitted defeat, she told me to have a PMA (Positive mental attitude). I do seem to have a negative attitude at the moment and I don’t think it’s helping me I even said to Sarah PMA (Permanent Mardy Twat)! For this race I had registered under Belgrave but added my new second claim club to my race details and I raced in Penistone colours for the first time. I was the only one from my club but lining up I knew there would be a few decent runners to chase.

My plan was to go out at 10k pace and see what happened. Crazy maybe but my goal is to get back to how I was running in April/May. So the hooter went off and off we went, from Sainsburys turned left up the short hill and then out towards the A64. A group of 4 broke away followed by me and another two runners. I stuck to this runner like glue for first 2 miles we hit the first mile in 5:41 (I thought one down nine more to go). The pace was good and at first it felt ok, a quick run over some grass annoyed me as we turned along the country road. towards Catterton. The trees gave us some shade as the sun was hot. I was still running well with this other runner, just off our shoulder was another runner who had closed the gap. As 3 of us we worked together and at this point was just focused in holding the pace. We hit 2nd mile in 5:40. Fab I thought as the route undulated, I was still holding a sub 5:50 pace until the dog leg at Catterton. I had just dropped off the back of the two runners and we had to run round a road cone…..

….Bang went my pace! Seriously it was like I hit a wall. As I turned round the road cone, I just could not get going again. I can’t tell you why it happened but there was just nothing there. While I had stomach issues as yet again my stomach struggled with the gels, I don’t want to blame it on that. From my view point I know I’m capable of running a half marathon and 6:00 min pace and anything shorter faster. Yet since Chester HM I’ve been heading the wrong way. …

.. so again back to race after what I felt was a solid start, I hit mile 3 in 5:58, having lost my pace. Then I just struggled on my own for next 3 miles, as people just picked me off. In my head I had by now already accepted that PB was over and was wrestling with myself, there was one voice in my head wanting me to jack it in because I was off pace! I hit mile 4 in 6:19, then got to half way in 29:50, so slightly faster then the previous weeks race. By now I had dropped out of top 10 as Hannah Oldroyd passed me, we passed pleasantries but I was just feeling sorry for myself and showed no fight to keep with her. I continued to slowly get slower on the mile splits with 6:24 and 6:35 for miles 6 & 7.

Then an Otley runner went passed but I seemed to come out my slumber and just stuck with him. I then began to do the maths in my head and knew if could keep a sub 6:30 pace a sub 63 was on. This kinda spurred me on for last 3 miles. I clocked a 6:28 for mile 8 and then a 6:20 for mile 9. I was feeling good again as I hit last two miles. However my pace wasn’t helped as we got sent along a footpath that was rough under foot so in race flats made it really hard going. However I kept the Otley runner behind me until the final mile, as we re-entered the town centre. He kicked but I didn’t go with him, the route took us down towards the broken bridge around another traffic cone and back up to the finish. I knew I had secured my position and just chased Otley till then end to cross the line in 14th place with a time of 61:44.

I finished and first port of call was the toilets, to sort myself out. Afterwards I was somewhat pleased to go sub 62 when in middle of race I had such a defeatist attitude that I was fighting urge not to jack it in. I enjoyed last few miles racing with the Otley runner.

On a positive note it felt good in new club vest and first time the family have also felt happy wearing club colours at races to support me. The race was first once since it was revived and overall not a bad race. Could have done with a few more marshalls. The mile markers were out and on white board meant you sometimes missed them. The drink station was hard. I grabbed a cup which wasn’t full and by the time I had it only managed to chuck it down me. Much prefer a bottle. The mile on the trail was hard but unavoidable however it would be one I would do again.

The dream of sub 60 goes on and I move forward trying to workout what’s gone wrong, why I’ve gotten slower and how to fix it. One thing I’ve noticed when I was on form I was holding a 180+ cadence yesterday when my pace dropped after mile 3 so did my cadence. Which makes me wonder are the two related?

Questions I keep asking myself:

  • Am I over trained?
  • Am I suffering from burnout?
  • Have I peaked already?

The answers I come up with, the training isn’t much different to early part of the year. I raced every week last half of 2015 and wasn’t like this and I keep saying to myself I have yet to peak. Personally I want runners who have suffered what I’m going through to tell me it’s a blip or I’ve just plateaued and it will improve. I move on with the training plan and see how the next few weeks pan out. Needless to say I’m hoping for a change in fortunes

  • 9th in 30:04

Kit used in race

  • Zeon Penistone Race vest
  • Adidas 5 inch response shorts
  • Adidas Adizero Adios 3
  • Adidas Running Energy Ankle Thin Cushioned Socks
  • Lucozade Sports Sweat Band
  • Garmin 220
  • Naked:Runner Naked Black Shades



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  1. Damian Worsdall

    Don’t be too hard on yourself pal, still decent. Have you had a lactate test done before? –I had one recently and it’s given me a great new focus on training, and I feel my speed endurance is building nicely as a result

    • Yes I have, was told then to keep all my training in L1 and could not but into that view point, plus I hate running with a HR strap. I did think about going to Blizzard but cant justify the outlay.

      I’ve seen your runs and you would probably wipe floor with me at races.

      • Damian Worsdall

        Really? I was told to do most of mine in L2! Killed me for the first 6 weeks, but pretty strong with it now. Dave Tune at Blizzard would I am sure sort you out.

        • Yes I had mine done but their views was everything was done in L1 for at least 9 wks. I do like Blizzards ideals but not got spare £80+ to have their test done.

  2. Hi, you have finished well in front of me in some races this year, so I was surprised to catch you after that annoying turn around that first cone! I also ran a sub hour 10 mile time in the Vale of York Half last weekend, so I just assumed I was going to get a sub hour 10 again at Tadcaster, but just like yourself, it was not to be! I assumed this race to be pancake flat, but it had 200 feet of elevation, which is just enough to put you over the hour for a 10 mile race and cost you a few seconds. I always forget the racing once my form dips as it sets you up for disappointment I find. I like to get back to serious training and only race when I am on top form. That way the races are fewer, but more enjoyable! Anyway, great blog you have and all the best with your running. See you at the next one!

    • Hey Kim, I defo had a bad day at the office but like you said it wasn’t pancake flat like the Vale of York. My main problem is not giving myself proper recoveries, so come race day I blow up. Reason I did race was to use this as a tune up to see where I was, while not a PB it did allow me to tweak training etc.

      • Yeah sometimes it’s hard to have a day off isn’t it!

        • It is but then I think you learn more when you have a bad race then when everything goes to plan. Plus having a bad patch means when it does click the feeling of success will be much sweeter

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