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SYRRL Brodsworth 5

Races are coming thick and fast. Not raced this much in years but you know what I’m enjoying myself for the first time in a long time. At the moment I’m not putting pressure on myself chasing times etc, I’m just racing hard and trying my hardest. This was one reason I opted to do the 5 milers after a 2 year absence. Because they are tough races and are not officially measured distances it means chances of me getting a 5 mile PB are slim. I’m simply aiming to improve my racing.

So Wednesday night I managed to bag a lift with others from club, this was due to location and my better half working till 6. Our senior men’s team are currently in second place for the team trophy with a 2 minute deficit to over turn. Having missed the first race, I feel like it has cost us those 2 minutes, so trying to make up the time. My main goal was to finish in front of the 3rd Totley runner. After arriving in plenty of time our men’s team did a good 2 mile warm up and knew roughly where the climbs were. After a long walk to the start, it was go time. I had forgot to turn watch on as it had gone on to standby. This meant a panic as I set off to get it switched on. Turns out I lost about 6s on my time in the end. Watch issue sorted I soon got into my stride, a left turn I passed the family who had made it just in time to see me start, then it was the first climb. I always seem to pass others on hills but they all come off the top stronger. I got to the top and pushed hard along the top slowly making my way up the field. I had our best vet in my sights and was focused on closing the gap, as first mile buzzed for 5:43 I passed a couple of Totley vests.

The route swung a hard left and soon found myself tussling with a lot of runners I was familiar with, it meant I wasn’t looking at watch but trying to stay with runners I want to be quicker than, up till the second hill climb I was holding my own but the climb soon split the pack with 4 including Shaun pulling away, another pack dropping behind me and then me on my own in the middle.  I clocked 2:44 for second mile but found next mile was hard with me on my own. The route took us gradually downhill but I had lost a lot of time on the climb, as we turned left on to a private narrow road watch buzz for 5:51.

Having looked on Strava at the route it had looked like this section was more trail but it wasn’t and I hadn’t expected the tarmac surface and I flagged in this mile even though it had some descent on it. Stronger runners passed me towards back end of the mile but I also knew another hill climb was coming, I clocked a 5:55 mile split for mile 4 and then the last climb wiped me, I think past couple of weeks have caught up with me. I was strong up and took a couple of runners but then on the trail sections towards end I was unable to pick it up and dropped 4 positions. I started to kick when I saw a large crowd only to realise I still had another 400m to go. I crossed the line as 4th member of my club in 24th position in 29:29. A 20s improvement on last race but I lost around 20s on the last mile. It still gives me a good gauge on where I’m at and where I need to be.

The last race of this years series is on home soil at Penistone and I know it won’t be easy but will be aiming for another sub 30 to finish the series off strong.

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  • 24th in 29:29

Kit used in race

  • Zeon Running Vest
  • Adidas 5inch Response Shorts
  • Adidas Adizero Adios 3 Shoes
  • Adidas Baselayer
  • Adidas Skull Cap
  • Sockmine Griplock Anklet Socks
  • Pinrace pins
  • Garmin 220

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