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Summer Training Recap #1

I think it’s about time I brought you all up to speed with what I’ve been doing these past few months. Since April training was all over the place and I had no real focus with regards to my training after the marathon. I did have minor targets but things just were not clicking. I basically pressed the reset button at the start of June and began to rebuild the basics from there. I did target Leeds 10k (but looking back it came too soon and outside forces meant it wasn’t my day). However, in the short stuff things have finally started to click, with a season best 5k road race last week and I followed that up last night with an outdoor 3000m PB. Going forward the aim till end of September is to keep working on my shorter stuff, look at improving my shorter distances times, before moving into autumn and a couple of months of 10k/5 mile road racing (with probably a 10 mile thrown in as well).

Planning ahead if I’m to improve I feel a cross country season is a must this year and I also think a period of downtime is needs as well. For 5 years I’ve raced non stop and feel I do need an off season, I will be planning my schedule to fit in a period off proper recovery, no racing, no parkruns. Let my body have a proper recovery period and then going forward have a proper base period build up, then a spring road season, summer track/short 5k road season, autumn road season and xc/off season over winter.

Obviously this is long term planning and starting to put things in place now. Hence reason why at moment I’ve decided to forget 10k’s and above and focus on getting the leg speed back at 5k and working on those by also racing shorter 1500m and 3000m races. This year has season my first real plateau with race times, while at first it was very dis-heartening, it’s allowed me to go back and really look at what’s been working and what hasn’t. As well as thinking about what I can do to improve.

Right with that wrote down June/July has been where things have started to click, slowly been increasing the miles but the quality has been there. It’s basically back to 6 days, longer stuff on a Tuesday, sort reps on track Thursday and tempo/hill or parkrun Saturday

June started well but caught another chest infection but as know signs caught it early enough and took a few days off, to allow tablets to do their job.

June 5 – 11

  • Mon – Easy 6
  • Tue – 6 x 1 mile off 90s recovery
  • Wed – Easy 8
  • Thu – Off
  • Fri – Off
  • Sat – Off
  • Sun – Easy 14

As was still on antibiotics I kept off any speed work to protect the chest, instead start of the week was just about ticking over. I had planned on doing a 5k on the Saturday but it was very hot so opted not to race as I felt their would be no benefit in racing in that heat.

June 12 – 18

  • Mon – AM Easy 4 / PM Easy 4
  • Tue -AM Easy 5 / PM Easy 5
  • Wed – AM Easy 3 / PM Easy 7
  • Thu – Track 6 x 800m off 400m recovery
  • Fri – Off
  • Sat – Easy 4
  • Sun – Easy 10

A week where I put in two races and a tempo in 3 days. Looking back was a mistake to run the tempo and then race back to back but originally had no plans on doing the Thursday race, instead was going to race on the Sunday. However I knew there was an opportunity to win something so took that option, however I had nothing left in legs after the tempo and mile race, my race time reflected this.

June 19 – 25

  • Mon – AM Easy 3 / PM Easy 6
  • Tue – AM Tempo 3 & 5 x 200m / PM Easy 4
  • Wed – AM Easy 3 / Manchester Mile
  • Thu – AM Easy 4 / Yorkshire Vets 5k Champs
  • Fri – Off
  • Sat – Easy 4
  • Sun – Easy 10

Another solid week of training, topped off by another age category win, although route and course was well outside my comfort zone, I went to get a medal and came back with GOLD!

June 26 – July 2

  • Mon – AM Easy 6 / PM Tempo 3
  • Tue -AM Easy 3 / PM 6 x 1200m off 90s recovery
  • Wed – AM Easy 3 / PM Steady 4
  • Thu – Track 3 x 3 x 300m off 100m/500m recovery
  • Fri – Off
  • Sat – Easy 4
  • Sun – NMAC 5k MT Champs

So June I had done a 38, 48, 43 and 44 mile week, with 3 races in there. A new mile PB and two age category wins, however the times frustrated me. I had been putting in the quality but making sure I got the easy stuff in as well. At this point I still felt I was in shape to go smash a good 10k out, however, I’d soon learn summer is not the time for me to race anything further then 5k due to heat.

In part 2 will cover July as well as look at my plans heading into August/September in more detail.

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