Strava unveils a new Premium product feature

Relative Effort is a new Premium heart-rate metric

Today, Strava unveils a new Premium product feature, Relative Effort. The feature helps athletes better understand the impact of their training and active lifestyle.
There’s no more guesswork when it comes to how your activities all add up. Relative Effort is a new Premium heart-rate metric that gives you a fresh take on measuring intensity. Track your weekly fitness trend, compare efforts across sports, and find the sweet spot for your training.
The feature encompasses all sports on Strava whether it’s a run, ride, swim, an indoor/gym workout, and lots more.
Relative Effort provides meaning and context to an athlete’s performance, including:

  • A week-by-week timeline, which plots an athlete’s weekly total Relative Effort through time.
  • An insight module that offers straightforward insights into athlete’s data as well as a few short sentences that summarise their training.
  • A breakdown module that shows athletes what their week consisted of, and where the majority of cardiovascular stress / benefit came from.
  • Relative Effort provides insights on HR training, offers exercise guidance (e.g. over/under/optimal training), and helps athletes build fitness over time.
Relative Effort is available to Strava Premium members. Premium is for the athlete who squeezes every drop out of their sport. Premium is Strava’s all-out effort to keep athletes safe, improve their performance, and to make every activity as enjoyable as possible.
Strava Premium is £5.99 / month or £44.99 / year.
You can read more on the Strava blog:
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