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Strava account back up & running

For past two months, I’ve been using a new (temporary) account. This was due to a issue with accounts that had been Beta testing the upcoming athlete posts feature that is now being rolled out for selected high profile users while it is tested in a live environment now the guinea pigs have weeded out the major glitches.

What it meant for my account was having to set up a new account while the issues were fixed, at first I decided it would be a good time to start afresh and publicly stated was just a reset (spring clean), as I wasn’t expecting the issue to be fixed. However over weekend the old account was re-activated. As I haven’t been recording my data on Strava for April/May, I imported the stuff I had saved over from my temporary account to the main one. At moment all my old activities are there but are set to private, they are going to be made public in bulk. It also means all my data from 2015 onwards has been recovered.

Due to the issue it means my following/followers were lost so if you followed me on either account, then you will need to re-follow me on this account.  Would like to place on record a massive thanks to Johan Svensson from the Strava tech team on the hardwork done recovering the data, I think it’s last time I Beta test anything using my Strava account, however with that being said the new feature is very much worth it!

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