SockMine Griplock Anklet Sock Review

Blister prevention from mile 1 to mile 26

Having big feet has and always will be an issue with regards to running. Trainers I’ve already covered in past articles in that I can range from a 12 to a 13 depending on brand and that I’m limited to what is on the market. However the more pressing issue has been socks. Now I’ve been through all sorts, from Nike, Adidas, Mizuno, Injini and Inov socks, yet the only sock I ever liked are the X-Bionic socks but they are not cheap. That was until I got in touch with Nottingham based firm SockMine about doing a link up.

They loved what I was all about as a runner and my challenge and took me on as a brand ambassador. This meant getting some of their socks. The main running sock is the GripLock anklet. This is the flagship sock. The good news is they come in sizes from 4 right up to 13. So it meant I could get a sock at a price that was affordable. I like also they are a local British company.

Product Description

Our elves have been at it again! Although this time they have crafted something truly special – you might even say they’ve out done themselves. The GripLock™ Inner sock adheres to your foot, moving all the friction away from the skin, therefore helping to prevent blisters. This unique construction follows the exact contours of your foot, for ultimate comfort and control, whatever sport you are into. We are proud to announce the promotion of the elf who developed this, and the miners have nicknamed him Grippy.

**Wash at 30°C, without fabric conditioner.


The GripLock is there own designed technology, this is a silicon weave that sock adheres to your foot, moving all the friction away from the skin. Now I’ve raced in them from 3 miles up to 10 miles and my feet have been awesome afterwards, no sores, no rubbing, no blisters. They take some putting on but once they are on and you have them in place, they don’t shift. The socks can be worn all day without feeling that they are sweating to death. Good thing is unlike other socks you can wash them over and over without losing their shape, quality or padding.

They have really thought about the sock, the Griplock is in place in the right areas, yet the toes and ankle are free to move naturally. I have a thick pair and usually I would go for a lighter sock for races and there are lighter options on sale but for the sake of a few ounces I’m happy with the thickness as it gives what I feel is just the right amount of cushioning that you need from a race sock.

For me socks are a highly underated part of the kit, yet one of the most vital. If like me you train 6 days a week you need to look after your feet so the wrong pair of socks means blisters and sores. This then means time off. With the GripLock socks you can run for miles knowing that your feet are being looked after and not getting smashed to pieces.

The last thing is the price for £12.00 you have an awesome sock at a price that everyone would be happy to pay. I would never endose a product without testing and having raced every week for over a month in them I think they have more then proven themselves. Get 10% off your next order by using code MOHICANRUNNER

This product was provided by Sockmine to review and test. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after testing multiple pairs and over 100 miles.


Blister Prevention

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