Sheffield Hallam parkrun #383

The one with the water jump

I’m going to begin my blog by once again apologising for the delay in getting this wrote up, I had planned on writing it up last Wednesday. However, Molly once again was back in hospital, this time things got a little more serious, her heart rate shot up to 253 BPM, as runners we know that’s bloody high! Worse of all it would not come down. She was rushed back in Wednesday evening and the doctors tried all sorts to lower her hear rate. In the end they had to administer a drug called adenosine, that basically stopped her heart allowing it to restart. I tell you the amount of people round her, it was one of if not the worse moments of my life. Thankfully she responded on the second dose.

After tests the cardiologist specialists up in Leeds diagnosed her with Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). This  is an abnormally fast heart rhythm arising from improper electrical activity in the upper part of the heart. They now think everything that has been happening to Molly since the start of March is all connected. To begin with she is now on medication before we see the cardiologist in a few weeks. Going forward she may need an operation but at the moment we are hopefully the medication will help. What all this meant is once again Molly was our soul focus, so things like my blog have not been important. I stayed in hospital overnight with her, as Sarah had the car so was easier for her to get back in the mornings. (I’m now nursing a chest infection, that I picked up while in there!).

So back to parkrun, I opted to go back to Hallam, after running 17:51 midweek I simply wanted to lower my previous weeks time. However, the weather meant that fast times were out the window. I arrived in plenty of time, only to find the loos locked and the people in the cafe refused to unlock it! So panic had to run into woods…….

…. After marking my territory I made my way to start to find It flooded, now I’m not talking a little puddle, I mean shin deep and spanning the entire width of the start area. I almost opted not to run as I had my rather clean and new Tempo 9’s on but as it was Sandis’ first time as run director I wanted to show support. After chatting to various friends, I lined up and bang it was go time and straight into the water. Boy this was a massive wake up call, you could hear yelps, screams and a lot of cursing as everyone got a serious soaking. My feet were frozen and wet. I struggled to find my rhythm as no sooner had I got my breath back we had to run through it again. We raced up the park and I found it tough going. I put it down to conditions and me also racing hard midweek so body was tired. I got up the park and then tried to attack downhill but again with conditions, it never felt like everything was flowing and I was forcing it more then I should. The first mile showed with 6:08. A whole 10s slower then the previous weeks mile.

I managed to get some pace down the rest of Rustlings Road with some segments actually faster then the previous week but then we re-entered the park and again we had to do the water section. I think it shocked my body as it took me ages to get going again after going through it and the second mile was just as slow as the first. Again I seemed to find it hard going up the park. I got going down the park and this time I didn’t drop places, I actually felt I had a better 3rd mile then the previous week be it 3s slower, but I didn’t have the finishing kick in me and having to do the water for a 4th time rounded off a tough run. I came in 10th position but 10s slower and my slowest time of the year. However, the Run Britain algorithms had it as my best performance this year, so that says something about the conditions. It also happened to be my 78th parkrun. Only 22 to go to get to 100!



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