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Run, Jump, Throw 3000m

After a good January, my Feb has so far been stop/start. Firstly weather is causing issues, I had been offered a place at the Stamford Striders 30k race on the 12th and I fancied testing myself at a new distance. It meant I had to make a choice on what I was to do midweek. I fancied the Barnsley AC Winter 10000m but I knew it would be a very hard race and too much if I wanted to do the Stamford race on the Sunday. I then remembered there was an indoor meet on the Tuesday night and they had option of 3000m. A better distance and gave me plenty of time to recover and me being me also had eye on doing the 1500m if time/recover allowed.

Last week was 80 miles, so cut it right back this week and allowed my body some much needed rest. Come Tuesday night I felt fresh. I arrived just after 6 to collect numbers, with my race planned for 7:15. I bumped into a few runners I knew from other clubs and chatted mainly to Martin James from Doncaster AC. We seem to be always around each other time wise and after doing a warm up outside, on the warm up straights I saw a field of quality runners. You are talking sub 4:30 milers. My task on the night wasn’t just about lowering my time but also not getting humiliated by the top guys. I said as much to Martin. I knew I had a faster time in me, due to conditions the other week at Cudworth.

However, with an indoor race, your watch is pretty useless as GPS does not work, I have a footpod that counts your steps but I found that to be out, clocking 2 miles last time. I had worked out my 400m splits (every 2 laps) and had them on back of my hand. As we did strides it filtered down there was a massive delay due to electronics issues and our race had been pushed back, it would be a full hour before our race even started. Now those who are pretty serious about running, you take fuel and plan your warm up etc with a set start time in mind. I along with others ended up cooling down and then having to warm up again. So when the race set off I felt sluggish.

It took me a few laps to find my stride and as I had raced a few in the field I knew not to go off like a bat out of hell. I ended up off the lead pack and found myself chasing a lad in a Yorkshire vest and a Chesterfield lad, I knew the Chesterfield lad was aiming for around 9:30, so my goal was to keep him in range for first half of the race then use him as target in second half. The laps soon flew by and was hitting my early 400m split targets but the ink had faded by halfway but by that time, my lungs were burning due to the dry atmosphere indoors. I had maintained a pretty evened pace and I saw the Chesterfield lad had started to fade by this time another Doncaster runner had come along side me and had plonked in front of me. I used him to draft off for a lap. While all this was going on the front 3 had caught and lapped me (they all finished around a minute in front of me), instead of letting it effect me, I simply focused on trying to catch the two in front and for last 3 laps it was a real tussle, a few times on back straight I thought I was about to pass only for them to surge again. In the end we finish in 9:52, 9:53, 9:54 respectively. Out of the field only 1 runner finished with a time over 10:00 minutes and then it was only by 0.67 of a second! compared to Barnsley when only top two went sub 10.

Here is the race from lap 2:

Also on the night the world record for V45 1500m was broken by the ever green Anthony Whiteman. So it shows time is on my side. I’ve now spent the week weather watching and I still think it will come down to the day of the race before I know for sure if I’m racing or not. As for 3000m I still think I can go faster and aim to do so later this year.


  • 8th in 09:54.76

Kit used in race

  • Adidas Pro Lightweight Running Vest
  • Adidas Adizero Takumi Split Running Shorts Black
  • Adidas running light no-show socks
  • Adidas Arriba 3 running spikes
  • Adidas Sweat Band
  • Garmin 220

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