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Return of the Mohican

Those who follow me will have noticed that the mohican has started to re-grow. During the autumn/winter I started to grow a mohawk (for those wondering, a mohawk is a shaved version, think Mr.T, a mohican are the tall versions you see punks have). After I shaved it off my daughter was gutted but at the time I felt it needed to come off and blogged about it back in September. Firstly the front of it was further back then it had been to start with, due to trimming over the years and I wanted to regrow the front of my hair but couldn’t without restarting the whole mohican from scratch.

Secondly, while not a bad thing I had been stigmatised as just a charity runner and wanted to show people that I was more than that and took my running seriously. But I soon learnt I had become too well known to shake the name and soon realised the hair was me and I felt naked without it. Might sound daft but I am the mohican runner. My wife preferred me with the mohican and said it made me look younger. The skin head she said made me look old and ill. So I’ve slowly been growing it back, it’s far from the finished look but it’s getting there.

Switching social media names and website names back has been a huge pain in the ass. Firstly the old co.uk domain name expired and some company picked it up and now sells shoes. So I purchased a .uk domain name for 99p and set about sorting out the redirects etc. So if you type in any runs4caffeine.online link it will still bring you to this site.

Twitter and Instagram have been switched back with no issues. On Flickr the URL can’t be changed without setting up a new account but the name/tagline has changed. The main issue at the moment is my Facebook page as I’m having to appeal the name change from Runs 4 Caffeine to either my actual name or Mohican Runner and they are not the fastest with appeals. I’ve been allowed to change the url and tagline on Facebook just not the actual page name. So for the moment my page is still Runs 4 Caffeine. I’ve also updated my about page, about widgets on other platforms.

So if you happen to notice something not Mohican Runner let me know, likewise if you notice that certain links are not working please comment below and I will fix it.

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  1. Welcome back. From all at Fylde Coast Running

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