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Challenge takes a detour

Well this challenge has had more issues then I ever thought possible! First I got myself my first major injury meaning I lost first two months of the year, putting the challenge back to March, then my daughter became seriously ill which meant the challenge didn’t get underway till May. After 3 successful races I had kept July free due to the heatwave. It meant the races were stacking up towards back end of the year.

I got York done in August then was all set to begin September with 3 back to back challenge races. However I then pulled a hamstring meaning I had to withdraw from the Wetherby 10k. Then I was going to do the Great North Run this Sunday but couldn’t justify hotel/travel costs for the family and myself so selected to do the Vale of York HM. I didn’t read the race instructions till Tuesday and realised no one could leave till 12:00 as the car park entrance also doubled up as the race finish. I have other commitments on Sunday and need to be done and back home before 12 noon. So that meant I had to scramble to find a replacement. I managed to secure a last minute place at the City of Salford 10k on Sunday morning. I have also found all the replacement races. This means I am now racing every weekend from now till the end of the year.

So the challenge is now as follows; “The challenge will consist of 18 races over 2018. 14 will be 10km races and 4 will be half marathon races*. The aim is to run all the 10km races in under 37 minutes and aim to set a new personal best and to run all the half marathons in under 85 minutes and aim to set a new personal best.”

You will recall originally it was to do 12 10km races and 6 HM’s races with all the 10ks under 37 and all the HM under 80 minutes. With injury and rebuilding the miles I knew the HM target was impossible so dropped it before the challenge begun. I have also due to the hurdles mentioned above had to replace 2 of the HM with 2 10k’s” Other then that the challenge is still very much the same. Full details of the challenge and my chosen charities can be read by clicking here.

The list of races are as follows, all but a few are entered and confirmed. I still have to enter those stared (*) as these are the replacment races.

  • (HM no.1) North Lincs HM – 84:21
  • (10k no.1) Great Manchester Run 10k – 36:50
  • (10k no.2) Run for All Hull 10k – 35:50
  • (10k no.3) Run for All York 10k – 36:19
  • (10k no.4) City of Salford 10k – 9/9
  • (10k no.5) Spen Greenway 10k – 16/9
  • (10k no.6) Burringham 10k – 7/10*
  • (HM no.2) Manchester HM – 14/10
  • (10k no.7) Holmfirth 10k – 21/10*
  • (10k no.8) Brigg 10k – 28/10*
  • (10k no.9) Leeds Abbey Dash Run 10k – 4/11
  • (10k no.10) Cheshire 10k – 10/11
  • (HM no.3) Rother Valley Running Festival HM – 18/11
  • (10k no.11) Wilmslow 10k – 25/11
  • (HM no.4) Nottingham Xmas HM – 2/12
  • (10k no.12) Xmas Cracker – 16/12*
  • (10k no.13) Boxing 10k – 26/12*
  • (10k no.14) Ribble Valley 10k – 30/12*

So to this weekend I will be running in the official NSPCC vest and aiming to run at least sub 37. Bare in mind not raced since start of last month and 10 days in Spain, so I’m hoping I’ve not lost too much race fitness. However I’m sure with races now every weekend till end of year I will soon get back to my racing best. Thankfully with only 1 HM every month (except Sept) I should be able to keep myself relatively fresh. The race starts at 10:15 so should be done and away before 11. The route is round media city so should be pretty fast so I’m hoping to start the autumn racing season off with a bang!

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