Preview of the Run for All York 10k

A look at race 4 of my challenge

So what seems like an age, the 4th race of my challenge is this Sunday. This is the calm before the storm as when I get back off holiday at the end of August the challenge races come thick and fast. Originally I had planned to do one 10k a month then do the half marathons in spring and autumn avoiding the summer. I’ve wrote about the start of the year meaning a lot of the early races had to be scheduled. However I kept the summer free as racing long distances in heat isn’t fun. However it transpired my first two races were both in 25’C heat.

Leeds should have been race 4 but as I mentioned in my blog already I was put on standby to run the Masters Inter-areas and putting myself out there stands me in the good books with selectors for future events. Plus it was another day that in places tipped over 30’C. This means Sunday is the first race since my excellent performance at Hull. A time I’ve matched once before and only beaten once and that was Cheshire 10k. Now I’ve put pressure on myself to match or better that time. I’ve been running consistent times at 5k all summer ranging from 17:13 to 17:32, depending on course and conditions. This year I’ve run 13 5k times under 18 minutes all since March (not including sub 18 splits at both my 10k races). My most consistent spell of 5k racing ever! Plus I’ve gone sub 17:30 6 times out those. I still want to officially break 17 minutes in a 5k road race and at 10k I want to for the first time ever run back to back sub 36 10ks with view on breaking my PB and 35 minutes during the autumn.

I’ve done York twice before back in 2013 when I ran 44:30 and again in 2015 when I ran 36:34. At the time I had only ran one 10k faster and that was Leeds. Since then I’ve done 12 races faster then this time but only 3 as I’ve said under 36. Aim Sunday firstly would be a course PB, I’d then like to run sub 36 again. Then it would be nice to run faster then Hull which would make it my second fastest 10k ever. Firstly conditions will play a factor and I’ve not raced early Sunday morning since June, so I’m hoping my body is ready for what I will put it through. The good thing is having knowledge of the course. There is some twisty bits in the city centre and a couple of river crossings and then in back end of the race there are two out and back sections. The aim again is to run a good first 5k. Keep it strong till 8k then dig in, in final few km.

With me joining Barnsley AC, I sent my challenge shorts to printers to have both Fox Valley and Dransfield properties on the front as they are supporting my challenge. Then both charity logos printed to my club vest. From now on I will just be racing in the Barnsley vest. This means I don’t get any issues with race officials like I did at Hull questioning if I should be stood in the fast start pen!

This means instead of alternating between charities I will run all my remaining races for both charities so you can now decide each race where you’d like your money to go:

As I said the next race after this will be in September at the Wetherby 10k and then it’s followed in quick succession by 3 more races.

A massive thanks to everyone who has supported me to get me on to the start line, including Dransfield Properties and Fox Valley, who are supporting me for this challenge and have helped to cover race fee’s and my running shoes for the duration of the challenge. . Another thank you needs to go to Sweet Peakswho are donating 10% of any sales using the code MOHICAN10


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