Preview of the Run for All Hull 10k

Race number 3 of the challenge

Sunday is the Run for all Hull 10k and is race number 3 of my 18 in 2018 charity challenge. It will be the first time since 2013 that I’ve done the Hull 10k. The last time I did this race it was part of my original 13 in 2013 challenge. That race was a farce as the start was delayed and then reduced to a 9k as the Marina had left one of the bridges that was part of the route open. It was and still is the only 9k race I’ve done and remains a personal best of 39:15. To this day it’s the only blip I’ve had with the Run for All events. There not for everyone but for me they are well organised, plenty of space and the front of the field and usually fast.

This Sunday however I do have some slight concerns, no doubt will be unfounded but this year the organizers have added a half marathon to the mornings event. The half marathon starts at 9:00am followed by the 10k at 9:45. The HM route takes in the first 5 miles of the 10k route. Now the front runners will be hitting 5 miles in around 25-29 minutes, this means chances of hitting the slower runners of the half marathon is highly likely and if I’m right the route around the marina is very narrow and my concern is there is not going to be room or you will have to weave in and out. As I’ve said it might be nothing but it’s something that could play a part in the outcome of the race. Plus the HM rejoins the 10k route at the same point, so we are likely to get the fast runners of the half marathon for the last mile. It is going to make the race more interesting.

Conditions are forecast to be spot on, so unlike recent races that have all been in the heat. It will be good to see how I perform at 10k in cooler conditions. For this race the simple goal is to go faster then Manchester. Recent 5k performances have shown I’ve gotten faster. The good thing is I’m not going in putting myself in any extra pressure aiming for sub 36 or PB. While both are targets this year, I know they will happen and to let them happen naturally instead of trying to force the issue.

This race I will once again be in the blue of The Children’s Hospital Charity.  You can find details on how to sponsor me for this charity below, here is why I am running for them this year:

It is for two reasons, the first being I was treated for a multitude of injuries and trauma throughout an abusive childhood, during which the hospital staff became like family. One Christmas, one of the nurses at the children’s hospital in Sheffield saw that I didn’t have any presents, so she bought me a LEGO pirate set with a ship, a pirate and a palm tree. I built it on my hospital bed and that’s what got me into LEGO. She didn’t have to do that but it made my world and now I play with LEGO for a living. I never had a chance to really say thank you.

The second reason is my daughter has just spend a large part of 2018 in and out of the children’s hospital as she became very poorly, very quickly! The staff were once again amazing and saved her life! and after numerous tests we found out she has a serious heart condition called Supra Ventricular Tachycardia. Molly has an abnormally fast heart rhythm arising from improper electrical activity in the upper part of the heart. She has also been suffering from seizures and blackouts which causes left side paralysis! Now we have a diagnosis she can begin the recovery process but there is no magic wand to make this go away quickly.

A massive thanks to everyone who has supported me to get me on to the start line, including Dransfield Properties and Fox Valley, who are supporting me for this challenge and have helped to cover race fee’s and my running shoes for the duration of the challenge. . Another thank you needs to go to Sweet Peaks who are donating 10% of any sales using the code MOHICAN10

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