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Challenge starts here.

This Sunday will see the 18 in 2018 challenge finally get underway at the North Lincolnshire Half Marathon. This finishes at Quibell Park, Scunthorpe. The race is in it’s 7th year and is popular locally as it’s fast and flat which makes it ideal for PB hunters like myself.

The year for me has been a nightmare with one issue after another, it has seen the challenge postponed for weather, injury, illness and mainly because looking after my daughter after she became seriously ill was my number one priority. Molly is doing ok for those wondering. The medication seems to be working, she is taking it one day at a time and she is now back at school but only doing half days. Going forward we will see the heart specialist later this month with regards to what the future holds.

What all this has meant is training/racing has been more miss then hit and when I set this challenge, I knew if I carried on training and in shape I was in pre-Xmas the original goal of running all my 10k races in under 37 and all my half marathons in under 80 was a solid bet. However, I’m not a betting man and I know I’m not at the same speed I was……

This means if I am to make this challenge hard but still achievable, I have reworded the actual challenge as follows;

The challenge will consist of 18 races over 2018. 12 will be 10km races and 6 will be half marathon races. The aim is to run them all as fast as possible, with time targets as the year progresses.

The 10km races – the first aim is to go under 37 minutes, then under 36 and finally to target breaking my PB of 35:14.

The half marathon – the first target is to run under 80 minutes, then under 79 before targeting my PB of 77:26.

So Sunday at North Lincs my target is to run as fast as possible and aim to break 80 minutes. As it’s my first half marathon since January last year and my first major race since December last year I don’t know what sort of form/shape my body is in so this will be a big test and I will know come the finish, what I need to be done over the rest of the challenge.

So 9 of the races will be for the NSPCC and 9 will be for The Children’s Hospital Charity. I will alternate between the two charities. To kick off the first race I will be in the blue of The Children’s Hospital Charity.

A massive thanks to everyone who has supported me to get me on to the start line, including Dransfield Properties and Fox Valley, who are supporting me for this challenge and have helped to cover race fee’s and my running shoes for the duration of the challenge. . Another thank you needs to go to Sweet Peaks who are donating 10% of any sales using the code MOHICAN10

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