OOFOS Recovery Footwear Review

Slip into a pair and you’ll immediately “Feel the OO"

OOFOS??? Is what you first ask and I will be honest I asked the same question when their Twitter account followed me. Being nosy I did my homework and was rather intrigued by their product. Their tagline is “Your feet earned this”. We are all looking at things to helps us recover, shakes, cross training, stretching, compression socks etc but what about your feet. Heck they get pounded mile after mile in training and races yet we probably all neglect them in our recovery routine.

Product Description

Your feet worked hard today – and they’ll likely have another workout tomorrow. That’s why every pair of OOFOS is engineered to help your feet recover in ways that typical footwear can’t. OOFOS. Your feet earned.

Unlike flip-flops, the OOFOS patented footbed is designed with tremendous arch support to take the pressure off of the ankles, knees, and hips, as well as your lower back. The sandals are also biomechanically designed to flex with both your foot and the ground as the soft, flexible OOfoam material enables your foot to articulate the way nature intended. As they are incredibly lightweight, they even float!

Equipped with OOfoam technology which absorbs more shock than traditional foams. The traditional athletic shoes deliver rebound and energy return benefits to propel you forward during your fitness activities. OOfoam does the opposite by absorbing 37% more of the impact to reduce the stress on your feet, body, and soul to help you recover. Don’t ever worry about the cushioning reducing over time as the durable OOfoam holds it cushioning. These sandals will take care of your feet and joints as they take a pounding on hard surfaces. By slipping on OOFOS after a workout, it then provides them with relief and chance to recover and reduces the risk of stress on the sore feet, knees, and the back.

Don’t worry about if you are wearing them too much as they don’t retain smell as they are moisture and bacteria resistant and easily machine washable.


  • OOfoam: Absorbs 37% more shock than other materials
  • Reduces stress on sore feet, knees and lower back
  • Cradles your arches
  • Biomechanically designed footbed allows natural motion
  • Soft, conforming toe post eliminates toe chafing
  • Shower/beach-ready — moisture and bacteria resistant; doesn’t retain smell
  • Durable OOfoam holds its cushion
  • Machine washable
  • So light they float


This is where OOFOS come in, they are marketed as recovery technology for your feet. OOFOS shoes are engineered to help your feet recover more quickly than other footwear. The company began as a team of footwear veterans — friends dating back to the athletic footwear and running shoe boom of the ’70s and ’80s. What brought them together was a desire to fill a need for footwear that could help fitness enthusiasts recover from repeated workouts on hard surfaces. Stores are filled with athletic shoes designed to offer rebound and energy return — shoes that spring you forward when you’re exercising. What was missing was a material that could do the opposite: actually absorb shock after a workout. Two and a half years of tireless development later they brought out OOFOS.

With the amount of training and races I did I wanted to give them a go and they were good enough to send me a pair to test I selected Men’s OOAHH Slide in black, there are other options, colours for both men and women, my review pair retail in the UK for £40. They look like a sleek pain flip flop but don’t let that fool you as boy these are worth considering if you are serious about running and want to improve your recovery. I wear mine daily in the house.

After a track session I always get sore heals the day after, since wearing my OOFOS that issue has pretty much gone. My version slip-on and they are so comfortable and conform to my feet perfectly, getting a pair of anything for my feet in my size is a massive bonus. So how do they help?

Well as mentioned above they fit snug to your feet insuring a comfy support. The OOFOS are designed to absorb 37% more shock with every step taking that away from your recovering feet, I’ve found they reduce the stress on the sore bits after a hard training session and combined with my Absolute 360 calf guards my lower legs having been recovering so much better. Thanks to there unique design unlike flip-flops, the OOFOS foot bed has great arch support to take the pressure off of ankles, knees and hips, as well as your lower back, this would be good for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis symptoms.

I have to admit I though at first they might be a gimmick but far from it. These come with me to all my races and soon as I’m back at my car off go my racing flats and on go the OOFOs and my tender spots I usally get after races just don’t happen anymore, they have been a gift to be honest.

People are always happy to spend money on new racing shoes and race gear but sometimes neglect the recovery stage and I’m as guilty as anyone but if anything my challenge has taught me is that your body is like a machine, the more you look after it the better it performs. Recovery is as vital as any training day so anything that can aid the recovery process is most welcomed.

I’m glad I now followed them back and was nosy enough to find out more.

This product was provided by Noisy Communications to review and test. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after testing over a few weeks and updated again after a few months, this post was originally posted on my old site back in 2016.

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