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New Beginnings

Monday the 29th of May, mark it on your calendar. Why? because for me it’s ground zero, in that I mean it is the day I pressed the reset button and cleared the system and started afresh. After what for me has been a rather rubbish spring, it got to the point where I had really lost my mojo. I was going from one bad race performance to another, then pushing the speed in training, running with niggles and ignoring all the signs telling me I needed a rest.

As runners we are fab at giving out advice but rubbish at actually listening to any given. I’m very much a guilty party as I’m a very stubborn person. The best way I learn any lesson is the hard way. I keep pushing and pushing my body to the limits, achieving a goal then resetting to new targets. In doing so I’ve not been allowing my body to reset, recover and adapt, yet expect it to perform at it’s peak all the time. My passion for running is achieving new personal bests, setting and breaking goals. So when things go bad it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

Last year I achieved my goal of running a sub 36:00 10k time, that was last April and the closest I’ve got since is a 36:05. If I was to pick my preferred distance it would be the 10k as with that training you can drop down to 5000m and 3000m or up to 10 miles or half marathons. Yet in all honesty I’ve not done the correct training to be hitting the times I want. When I did my HM training up to Chester HM last May, the plan was actually a 10k one with just long runs for the distance and that’s why I smashed both my 10k and HM PB’s in that 12 week period. I then went through a poor summer and started rebuilding in the autumn, I planned on a crack at a November 10k but illness meant I missed my target races but I did PB at 3000m, 5k, 5 miles and 10 miles. Once again proving that focusing on 10k worked for me.

I then upped the winter miles and managed a new HM and 30k PB but then I went stale and by the time the marathon come round I felt I had already peaked, plus my head wasn’t 100% in it and looking back never really was and with a marathon you have to be fully dedicated to the distance. That’s why I failed to produce the goods. However I still put my body through the ringer so to speak and instead of giving my body time to recover from the marathon attempts. I ran 2 races hard between Manchester and Boston, then I’ve done 10 races since the 17th of last month. Crazy I know, yet this idiot tells others work to the rule of 1 rest day per mile race, yet do I listen to my own advice, do I heck. Yet last week I was in a foul mood because I was tired, over raced and over trained.

So I did something I’ve not done in a long time…..RESTED I didn’t run at all for the majority of last week. I cleared my diary of all things and decided to start afresh. That means a spring clean on my Strava, so I can’t keep comparing myself to old training times. I’ve spoken to people who’s view I value and looked at how the year has gone so far and what I’d like to do over the summer and sorted a few things out. Yesterday as I had already paid for it and because Molly was also competing, I took part in the 3000m and ran my second best outdoor time this year, only 1s off my outdoor PB, it has given me a platform in which to build upon now.

So firstly I’ve already put the wheels in motion. I’ve got my target race which is now the Run for all Leeds 10k on the 9th July. That is less then 6 weeks away, the aim over the next 6 weeks is to make sure I hit the key sessions but will make sure my easy/recovery days are proper recoveries. So I did 8 miles earlier with my HR at 144 BPM with just the two hills knocking average up a tad. I aim to get those easy days in at around 140 BPM or even lower. I’ve got a few shorter distance races lined up to gauge how training is going.

After Leeds I will then evaluate how things have gone look at races and goals, then press on from there. Aim is to have a good autumn. What about my sub 3 challenge? it’s still in the pipeline as it’s a goal I want to achieve but York maybe too soon and think for now I need to focus on getting back that mojo and for me that’s getting faster. I can’t do a marathon and get faster.

I’ve added a race diary to my site so you can see what races I’ve got lined up. Next up for me is another crack at 5000m on the track.

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