Naked Black Running Shades Review

A look at the original launch frames

Since May 2016 I have been wearing the Naked Black running shades from Naked Runner, after getting frustrated at how easy my own shades kept breaking (I had gotten through 3 pairs in past 6 months, all with the same issue).

I was lucky enough to be sent these at the last minute for the GEAR 10k in the 2016 after my last pair broke just days prior to the race. So race day was a jump into the unknown but with my squint in bright light, racing without a pair wasn’t an option. Thankfully Naked Runner came to the rescue and it was a good job as the race was a very sunny day.

Now Naked Runner isn’t a well know brand but that does not matter as they offer a range for all budgets. With the naked black being their launch frames and for £26.60 a decent and competitive price.

Product Description
These are the launch frames for Naked Runner and have been fully tested in the field, “10k runs and at the 50Km Veleta in Granada Spain” and having tested a range of designs these were the most popular among my fellow runners, as a result these are the frames we have decide to promote.

These Sports sunglasses have air ventilation for clear viewing. The lenses are made of Polycarbonate making them 100% UV-400 protection and very durable. The frames are made from TR90 composite material making them incredibly robust.

The frames will come with a microfiber carry bag for added protection.

My Review
For your money you get a choice of 3 different lenses clear/tint, revo red and grey. So you get choice and if you change your mind you can actually swap the lenses and to do it right they even posted a tutorial video to show you how to do it.

Firstly what I have say is, they say they are so confident you will be happy with your purchase they will give you 100% refund!. Well I honestly doubt they’ve had to do many refunds. Firstly the frame, I’m usually very picky with frames but these sat well on my face, they offer a snug fit and no matter if I’m pounding the track or running on trails I never felt like they would dislodge.

The frames are designed using Swiss technology, now it might sound like a selling point but the frames are incredibly durable, flexible, and lightweight. I can vouch for this as when I had my fall at race the train, the frames came away without a scratch. Even though one side of my face was covered in mud and blood. The frames also come with air ducts, these help clear mist, it is worth mentioning you can adjust the nose pads to help the air flow.

The choice of lenses means I’ve been able to run/race in bright sunlight, overcast days and when the light has been fading. This is a big plus as I do suffer from hay fever and protecting the eyes from pollen means my hay fever is more manageable.

There are plenty of different coloured frames for the same price to suit everyone’s taste, Plus for £35 you can actually mix and match, this means different arm colours to frames. All shades come with their own protective glasses pouch but you can also purhcase a hard case if you so wish. For those who have a prescription you can actually get these shades with your prescription, so you don’t need to miss out.


I’ve raced in my Naked Black shades now for over 2 years and they are as good as new and still cant fault the frames or lenses. Overall I’ve been more than happy with them and highly recommend them if you are looking for a pair of running shades that do a decent job, won’t break the bank and are extremely robust.

This product was provided by Naked Runner when my old shades broke just days before a 10k race. This did not influence the outcome of this review. This is an old review, originally posted in July 2016 on my old blog.

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