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Join Team Theo’s Virtual Marathon!

The Sheffield Childrens Hospital Charity are once again doing a summer Virtual challenge. This year they are challenging you to take on the marathon distance and help raise much needed funds for Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Whether you’re a couch potato or aspiring Olympian – this challenge is for you! As this is a virtual challenge you decide how you want to complete your marathon. There are no rules; you set the location, the distance and the pace. You can even choose how you complete the 26.2 miles – whether you want to run, walk, swim or cycle.

There will be an exclusive limited edition medal for everyone registered who completes their marathon.

  • Secure your place on the Virtual Marathon with a £15 registration fee.
  • Your challenge starts on Monday 1st August 2017!
  • Sign up now!

How your fundraising helps

The Virtual Marathon invites people to run, walk, swim or cycle a total of 26.2 miles over the course of a month, to raise money for a life-changing chemical analysis machine for Sheffield Children’s Hospital’s world-renowned chemical laboratory. The machine, called a liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometer, is the gold standard for the diagnosis of vitamin D deficiency.

While the impact of Vitamin D levels on bone health has long been known, the effects on other conditions have only more recently been explored. These include dermatological conditions, mental health, allergies, gastroenterological health and cardiac disorder. In the community, GPs may send a referral for Vitamin D analysis if patients present with symptoms such as constant tiredness, skin complaints, bone pain and muscle weakness.

People at most risk of Vitamin D deficiency include those with poor dietary intake, children who are not getting enough sunlight and people with darker skin. Poor vitamin D intake can cause soft bones in children, or rickets – a condition that is on the rise. Early identification of vitamin D deficiency can prevent conditions like rickets going undiagnosed, preventing the potential for lifelong disability and musculoskeletal problems.

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