SockMine Griplock Lightweight Socks Review

The ideal short race sock

Socks, one thing all runners need, yet sometimes we neglect. My issue has always been finding something that fits, a lot of leading brands don’t go over size 10/11. For a few years I’ve been supported by SockMine, for most runs I’ve used their Griplock Anklet, you can read my review here. However I wanted something more lightweight for racing, so they sent me two pairs of their lightweight socks, nicknamed Grippy.

Product Description

At Sockmine, we understand that to be your best, you need to feel your best.

That’s why it’s important for you to have faith in all parts of your equipment.

When it comes to your footwear, incorporating your own style and colour has a great impact on how comfortable you feel.

Although looking at your best helps you feel good, you should never sacrifice functionality for style.

Luckily, our Griplock™ lightweight yellow socks let you have the best of both worlds.

Combining an eye-catching yellow design with our innovative and award-winning Griplock™ design, you can guarantee that your socks won’t let you down.

With an elasticated design, our Griplock™ socks are made to perfectly fit your feet. Following the exact contours of your feet, our Griplock™ lightweight yellow socks minimise any movement between the sock and your feet, removing friction and preventing the one problem many athletes dread: blisters.

Using a lightweight design and extra padding on the heel and toes, our Griplock™ lightweight yellow socks are perfect for comfort.

These socks also use breathable Coolmax® technology to wick moisture away from your skin, keeping your feet cool and dry no matter how hard you train.

Overall, our GripLock™ lightweight yellow socks will:

  • Suit your style, with an eye-catching yellow colour.
  • Completely fit and adhere to your skin, preventing movement and friction to reduce blisters.
  • Reduce rubbing and add extra comfort through padded heels and toes.
  • Leave your feet completely dry and cool with our unique Coolmax® breathable meshed fabric design.
  • Give you the ultimate fit and control in a lightweight design.
  • Allow you to go further and faster for longer.

Our GripLock™ lightweight yellow socks are designed to help you feel at your best, so you can set new personal bests and go further and faster for longer.

59% Polyester (COOLMAX™), 25% Nylon, 14% GripLock™, 2% Elastane

My Review

The socks come either in high vis yellow,orange and pink. Both are very vibrant colours and while won’t be everyone’s cup of tea as I know runners prefer black or white. I’ve raced in both colours and even worn odd pairs. This season I’ve preferred the yellow version, when you are racing you need to have faith in the gear you are using will do their job. The socks were perfect. Thanks to their unique make up which combines comfort with their GripLock™ technology. The sock fit to the skin and stops movement of my feet. As you know movement can cause blisters and I can say I’ve not had a blister ever since I started wearing Sockmine socks.

These socks use what they call COOLMAX fibre which keeps moisture away and keeps the feet cool and dry which is another massive plus. They wash up great every time and my orange pair I use for parkruns I’ve had for a few months and they are still as good as new.

What I like is they have sizes to fit all feet and at only £12 they are a decent price. You need to grab these online. If you are looking for the perfect race day sock then I can hand on my heart say these are the best I’ve worn. I have every confidence in them I will continue to use them in my upcoming track and short road races.

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This product was provided by Sockmine to review and test. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after testing multiple pairs and over 100 miles.


Blister Prevention

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