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The perfect way to carry water on a run

So while I travel up and down the country with work, I have some free time to review The Flipbelt and their new bottle. Now I have reviewed the Flipbelt last year just after I had done the London marathon. I’ve continued to use the same classic one ever since. This review is more for the bottle then the belt but as this is a new site I felt it would be worth telling readers both old and new my opinion on the belt at the same time. Being able to carry water on my runs during the heatwave has been a godsend

So what is the Flipbelt? Well here is the product blurb…..

Product Description
Gone are the days of baggy sweat pants with bulky pockets. Active wear is sleeker and more stylish than ever before. The only problem, where do you leave your phone and keys when you´re out running or working out at the gym? Running belts ride up and bounce, armbands chafe and most only fit certain phones. That’s where FlipBelt comes in. Who would have thought a singular tubular waistband could solve one of the biggest nuisances that athletes face—running with a phone in one hand and keys in the other.

The FlipBelt is designed to carry your on-the-go essentials without tying up your hands. Made of a moisture-wicking, spandex-lycra blend, FlipBelt slides right on and sits snug on your hip. Whether your on a run, riding a bike, working out at the gym, with the Flipbelt, there´s no bulk, no chafing, and no riding.

FlipBelt is also machine washable and machine dryable. So even after running a marathon, just wash it, dry it, and it´ll come out like new.

The Flipbelt review
So as I said at the start I’ve had mine for over a year. Now it’s still as good now as it was when I first got it. It has lost a bit of logo print but as mine is under my tops you don’t see it. Now I’ve tried various belts, from fuel belts, to those that carried water. Yet all had the same issue, they would move around and when you are running, especially in a race you want to be able to switch off and not worry about the belt. This issue is gone with the Flipbelt. It sits on my hips and stays put, it allows me to carry my phone on my runs (should I need it), it comes with an attachment for your keys and for long runs/marathons I’ve been able to carry gels, bars, etc. As I sweat a lot I do have to make sure anything like money or paper is protected as I’ve know the belt to get very wet.

This was the case when I was in Cyprus, due to the humidity, the belt acted like a sponge for the amount of sweat I was creating. However it never caused any chaffing or discomfort and it was only when I stopped my run did I notice how wet it had become. I’m a runner where less is better, so I don’t like to run with phones on my arm and in this country it’s very rare I run with any fuel or water (drink to thirst). However when the need has come to carry a phone for a lift back etc, the belt is the best way to carry what’s required and has allowed me to focus on the run and know whatever I’ve got in the belt is secure. Sometimes you think a product is a gimmick, well the flipbelt is very practical and have recommend it to my running group.

My only issue was the fact it did not come with water bottles, which meant I would have to look at other products if I wanted to carry water. Now this wasn’t an issue till it came to my holiday and I knew I would need water. however at the same time they launched their own water bottle accessory, my request had been answered…..

The Flipbelt bottle review
So the company designed a bottle to fit inside the belt. These specially designed bottles came in both 6 oz and 11 oz sizes. I got both sizes. For me I found the smaller bottle too small for my requirements and harder to squeeze the larger one but I could always have the option of carry two 6 oz bottles, one with water and one with a sports drink.

However for the holiday I stuck with the much larger and I felt the more practical 11 oz bottle would work best. The design is contoured so it fits inside the belt and wraps round your waist or the hips depending on how you like it. For me I had it on my front so could easily pull it out. With a squeezable bottle and a pull up top. It meant I could pull it out the belt grab a drink. Push the top back down and place it back in my belt without the need to stop.

The fact it’s the first time I’ve managed to run with watch without it either being in my hand or annoying the crap out of me due to movement, was a massive plus for me. It allowed me to explore the resort were I was on holiday without having to worry about where I was just in case I required water.

When I’ve run with a full bottle it has never felt bulky or uncomfortable even when wet and with the design I’ve now made a point on my long runs to carry a bottle just in case. Especially as over the winter I will look to up my long runs to a few hours on feet.

The belt now comes in the classic version which is one I have and for more security a zipper version. Belts start from £25 and bottles from £8.95. For me it’s one of the best pieces of running kit I own and the fact I’m still using mine despite have options from major brands shows how much I love this product and with the bottle I find it faultless.

This product was provided by Flipbelt to review and test. This did not influence the outcome of this review.

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