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Fastest vet!

Ok not an “official” race but more official then a parkrun and they go on your Power of 10. However it was my first genuine meet up with my new club and I wanted a low key event to get to know everyone. I knew a few already but it was good to get to know more club members. So the annual club relays is a lap round the Worsborough Mill Reservoir. Everyone pays £2 then teams are drawn at random with the aim to have one man, one lady and one vet. I was one of the last ones drawn and ended up in team M. With Anne Bennett and a lady from Killamarsh Kestrels (apology didn’t remember her name). I was put on the final leg.

So while things got underway I did a lap warm up with two quality runners in Dave Brookbanks and Mike Cassey. The entire route was trail except when you crossed the dam wall. It was a good job it was marked as I would have gotten lost. After the warm up, I watched the race unfold. After the first leg our team was in last position but I wasn’t concerned about place as everyone was having a fab time. A few fast times had been set with young Nutter setting a sub 9 minute leg and Keith Littlewood running 9:15 for fastest vet. The banter was flowing as I waited for my turn. I said to wife my only goal was to catch at least one runner. I got my chance with me being the last runner to start and I shot off like it was a 1500m race. With Mel Wallace shouting don’t come back unless it was under 9 minutes.

The route took you along a nice compacted trail. I flew along here. I knew I could go hard as it was only 2k. Dodging dog walkers and stray kids I soon hit the first turn, through the barrier, a quick dash then another right turn and I saw my first target and soon passed her, the route then arched left on a windy trail path before a long arch to the right over a bridge and I was on the far side of the reservoir now. A tight right turn, I then past the legend that is Keith Binney before I hit the long bridge over the front of the reservoir, to finish there was a tight right/left over a bridge then a left turn and a sprint finish. Clocking 8:57 on watch and 8:58 officially given by time keepers. Giving me the fastest vet leg and I think only Scott Nutter ran faster on the night.

Was balls out sprinting all the way round and it was brutal but jolly good fun. Then it was followed up with a quiz but I didn’t stay for that or prize giving as we hadn’t had tea and Molly need her medication. It was nice to run something low key and get an introduction to the club.

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