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Chest Infection Strikes Again!

My Nemesis has once again reared it’s ugly head! I’m sat typing this feeling very frustrated with things. I can say over the years I’ve been running I can count the days I’ve missed through injury on my fingers, however the same can’t be said when it comes to illness……

Looking back into my training diaries revealed that I’ve missed at least one week in November to a chest infection for the past 2 years, this week making it an unwanted hat trick. In 2015 I was in the middle of doing my challenge for the Children’s Hospital when after the Cheddleton 10k I got struck down, resulting in me missing the Barnsley 10k. Last year everything was going all guns blazing in training then just before Leeds Abbey Dash bang! it hit again and I missed my favourite 10k race and also my fall back race the Cheshire 10k.

This year I’ve been nursing a cold for a few weeks but mainly it was restricted to my nose. I was worried it would develop into something worse before Leeds, thankfully I kept it at bay but then last week the temperature dropped and after a solid 8 x 1000m track session, my lungs were really burning. The easy run the next day was cut short as my heart rate said something was wrong. I could feel my lungs and when I finally managed to get into the doctors, my worse fear was confirmed: a chest infection in both lungs.

This meant a week of antibiotics and also meant the next MACCL at Boggart Hole Clough was off the agenda. Now I never expected to be gutted to be missing a XC race but having already felt the benefits of doing them, I was looking forward to a right old mudfest. The doctor advised a week of no running and slowly re-introduced it. I dropped all sessions up till today. I attempted a run earlier but could still feel it in my lungs and decided not to risk it and stopped after 200m. I’m going to leave running till I’ve taken the full course of antibiotics and that means I’m very likely going to miss the Podium 5k on Saturday and that I’m gutted about.

However, I do have 3 weeks to get things back clicking again before my next target race at Telford. Speaking to the doctor, he said due to fact I had asthma as a child my lungs are my weak spot so any infection will find it’s way there and the training I do puts my immune system under immense strain making me more susceptible to infections, so it’s a case of learning to prevent them without restricting my running. Been told to look into probiotics to help my immune system.

For now I will have to keep myself busy drinking coffee and designing LEGO.

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