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Charnwood Open 800m

Catch up time, I’ve got my last two races to report about. First up was the Charnwood Open 800m race, this was once again down at Loughborough, I had planned on doing the 1500m but as I had just PB’d twice at this distance, Jamie and myself felt it would be good to drop down to 800m and work on my top end speed. I’ve only done two 800m races and the quality of those races were poor, for this race my time meant I was put in the fastest race of the afternoon. This was first time I had serious concerns I would have my ass handed to me on a plate and finish last.

Once the field was announced I looked at all the other competitors times for 800m and I had the slowest PB of them all with some running 1:50, which meant it had potential to be a very fast race. The Thursday prior to this, Jamie did split 800m session on the track, this was 3 sets of 4 x 200m off 30s recovery. This session was brutal but I was running them all in 32/33s and I knew for my race I need to get a strong start.

The race was delayed by 15 minutes as the hurdle races over ran their allotted time slot and there was 4 races before it was the main 800m race. I got to watch two of the juniors I help coach race in their respective heats, one clocking a brand new personal best. With parents and juniors watching me I felt some serious pressure. As there was over 10 runners in my race, we were lined up on the curved line, instead of starting in lanes. Not sure if this was good or not but the gun went and bang I was at the back. However I got going and moved up the field and I hung on to the back of those in front, making sure was no more than a metre back so could draft off them. I flew round the first 400m with a quick 65s lap (quick for me)

However my lungs burned and the lactic aid was nasty, I hung on for the next 400m and in truth need to hold pace better in the 2nd lap as I faded with 200m to go and came home in 9th place with a new personal best of 2:18.02. A new PB is a new PB but both Jamie and myself know with better focused training I can get that down to at least 2:10, I’ve never done a race that hurt so much. Forget your marathons and ultras if you want to know real pain run a hard 800m on a track. Trust me it’s brutal, yet some how strangely fun and can’t wait to do it again.

To round off an excellent day my daughter Molly ran her second ever 75m race and reduced her personal best with a new time of 14.14. She continues to improve every time she competes and makes me very proud.

  • 9th in 2:18.02

Kit used in race

  • Zeon Lightweight Race Vest
  • Zeon 6 inch Racing Shorts
  • Adidas Arriba Spikes
  • Sockmine Griplock lightweight running socks
  • Garmin 220

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