18 in 2018 Challenge

The challenge is called 18 in 2018. Keeping with the theme of the previous two challenges. This challenge will consist of 18 races over 2018. 12 will be 10km races and 6 will be half marathon races. You might be thinking to yourself how is this a challenge for you? Well to make it a challenge I have to run all the 10km races in under 37 minutes and all the half marathons in under 80 minutes.  This is sub 6:00/mi pace for the 10ks and 6:06/mi pace for the HM’s. My PB’s are slightly faster however to be able to knockout 12 10km and 6 HM in those times within a 12 month period is going to be a tough ask. You’ve only got to hit bad weather, illness etc and it’s game over. For the record every one I do I will be aiming to run as fast as possible so I’m hoping for 18 seriously fast times over the year. All while raising funds and awareness of what the NSPCC and Childline do. Please read my story as to why I support the NSPCC & Childline.

So here is the provisional races for 2018 (subject to change)

10k Races

  • East Midlands 10k – 25/2
  • Cheshire 10k – 10/3
  • Derby 10k -15/4
  • Great Manchester Run 20/5
  • Run for All Hull 10k – 10/6
  • Run for All Leeds 10k – 8/7
  • Run for All York 10k – 5/8
  • Run for All Sheffield 10km – 23/9
  • McCain Yorkshire Coast 10k – 21/10
  • Leeds Abbey Dash Run 10k – 4/11
  • Wilmslow 10k – 25/11
  • Worden Day Boxing 10k – 26/12
HM Races

  • BTR Liverpool HM – 25/3
  • North Lincs HM 6/5
  • Great North Run  – 9/9
  • Manchester HM – 14/10
  • Rother Valley Running Festival HM – 18/11
  • Nottingham Xmas HM – 2/12

A massive thank you needs to go to Dransfield Properties and Fox Valley, who are supporting me for this challenge and have helped to cover race fee’s and my running shoes for the duration of the challenge. Also they will be helping me publicity and fundraising wise. Without their support this challenge would not be possible. A massive thanks goes to Amanda and everyone from both Dransfield’s and Fox Valley. Another thank you needs to go to Rachel, Claire and Debbie from the NSPCC for their help and support.

You can sponsor me per race, or you could sponsor me for every 10k I run under 37 or every PB I set etc. The ways you could sponsor me are endless, the aim is to raise £2018 for the NSPCC. You can sponsor me via JustGiving, where you can see my running total from my previous two challenges (this figure does not include the money raised from the 2014 Childline Xmas Campaign featuring my story 🙂