13 in Thirteen HM Challenge

In 2014 the 13 in thirteen challenge came back bigger and harder than ever before. Starting on the 5th January 2014 and continuing for the next 13 months, the new challenge saw me competing in one half marathon a month so 13 half marathons in 13 months (13 in thirteen).

We decided to keep the name 13 in thirteen as it has become connected with me and my challenges. We had thought about 14 in Fourteen but settled for doing the races over 13 months instead. The aim was not only to complete a HM each month but to hit a total fundraising target of £4027 and do a sub 90 HM (£2013 and £2014).

The money went to my chosen charity NSPCC (Childline), visit the charity page for why I raised money for CNSPCC (Childline).

This new challenge saw the distance more than double as I stepped up from 10km’s per race to 21.082km or in miles it goes from 6.2 miles up to 13.1 miles.  Below was the list of races and my finishing time.

  • Central Lancashire Half Marathon Sunday 5th January (98:33)
  • Great North West Half Marathon Sunday 23rd February (95:07)
  • Bath Half Marathon Sunday 2nd March (95:30)
  • Plymouth Half Marathon Sunday 27th April (96:04)
  • Edinburgh Half Marathon Sunday 25th May (94:27)
  • Potters Arf Marathon Sunday 8th June (99:49)
  • NSPCC MK Half Marathon Sunday 6th July (99:00)
  • Great Yarmouth Half Marathon Sunday 10th August (94:23)
  • Great North Run Sunday 7th September (94:46)
  • Great Birmingham Run Sunday 19th October (89:11)
  • Lancaster Half Marathon Sunday 2nd November (86:17)
  • MK Winter Half Marathon Sunday 14th December (86:03)
  • Brass Monkey Half Marathon Sunday 18th January (83:17)