13 in Thirteen Challenge

The 13 in thirteen challenge consisted of me competing in not one but thirteen official 10km races over the course of the year. Each calendar month I competed in an official 10km race. As the year moved forward some of the races had to be changed due to the weather and postponements etc.

All 13 races were official races sanction by UK Athletics. 13 races in 12 months I hear you ask? I completed 2 10k’s in February to make up the 13. The sub aim of the challenge was for me to also hit a personal best each time. This helped raise more sponsorship money through people sponsoring me per PB.

The goal of this challenge was to raise a total of £2013 for my chosen charity NSPCC (Childline), visit the charity page for why I raised money for NSPCC (Childline).

The challenge as we now know was a resounding success, with all 13 races completed as well as a PB at each race. The fundraising target was also achieved.

The 13 races were as follows, with my finish time in brackets:

  • Chernobyl 10k – Sunday 27th January (49:47)
  • Brass Monkey 10K – Sunday 10th February (49:01)
  • Wrap Up & Run 10K – Sunday 24th February (48:50)
  • Sheffield Varsity 10k – Sunday 10th March (47:27)
  • Sheffield Lord Mayor’s 10K – Sunday 21st April (47:16)
  • Sandgrounder 10k – Monday 27th May (46:59)
  • Woodhall Spa 10k – Sunday 2nd June (45:52)
  • Jane Tomlinson’s Leeds 10K – Sunday 14th July (45:00)
  • Jane Tomlinson’’s York 10k – Sunday 4th August (44:30)
  • Wilne 10k – Sunday 1st September (44:11)
  • Shelton Striders 10k – Sunday 6th October (43:35)
  • Abbey Dash – Sunday 17th November (42:33)
  • Percy Pud – Sunday 1st December (41:38)