Challenge start date

Update on when the challenge will finally start

I’ve had no LUCK this year! Seriously it’s been the worse start to a year that myself and my family has endured. Firstly I managed to pick up my worse ever injury and meant I missed best part of 5 weeks off running. Only getting going in February. Then it took a few weeks of slowly increasing the mileage, before I knew it March was already upon me. Then Molly spent the majority of the month in and out of Hospital and wasn’t till earlier this month we finally got to the bottom of what was wrong. As I’ve previously mentioned it has been life changing for us as a family and we are still getting used to our new normal way of life.

It has meant running took a back seat and then no sooner had we gotten Molly home that I became ill again! Yup another chest infection meant I once again missed the Podium 5k (I seem doomed to never do that race!) and it also meant once again the challenge start was put back. Having first got put back to Feb due to my injury then March due to weather and then everything was in place for the challenge to start yesterday at Derby. However I started another course of antibiotics and due to complete them tomorrow. I’ve also been sent for further tests and x-ray as they are concerned with the amount of chest infections I keep getting. I personally have felt my lungs have never been the same since I broke my ribs back in June 2016. Ever since then I’ve never felt 100% if I am honest with myself. So I’m hoping they get to the bottom of it so I can get everything sorted.

I last run on the 5th April, instead opting to just cross train in the gym while I recovered. It’s been so frustrating this year. At times we as a family have felt cursed but fingers crossed we’ve gotten all the bad luck out our system now. The next race on the challenge list is the North Lincs HM on the 6th May. The good news is it’s 3 weeks away, giving me enough time to get over the chest infection, clear my system of the drugs and get in more long runs so I’m in decent shape for the race.

I do now need to find a replacement for Derby and already looking at alternatives. Once I’ve found all the replacement races and the challenge finally gets underway I will post a further update on the races list. However, should I have to put it off again. I will postpone the challenge till 2019 as I have now used all my backup options and available dates.

Once again I would like to thank Dransfield Properties and Fox Valley for their support and understanding. I very much look forward to repaying their support during the rest of 2018. On a side note I’ve been lucky that since 2012 besides a few days here and there and the rib injury I’ve hardly missed a day. So this year has been a blip for me. I’m now in the middle of putting things into place for targets for this year and beyond.


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